Hong Kong Arts Centre 22nd ifva Festival Fearless Creative Talents Gathered to Celebrate Experiments

The curtain for the 22nd ifva Festival was lifted with the press conference held at the Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong Cultural Centre today. Guests included: renowned musician and Hong Kong Arts Development Council member Adrian Chow, screenwriter of She Remembers, He Forgets Saville Chan, veteran animator Lo Che-ying, motion graphic designer Mandy Tsang, commercial and music video director Welby Chung, Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Award 2012 Tsang Tsui-shan, animation creator Paperbox Creations, Head of Film Programmes of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Mable Ho, Executive Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre Connie Lam, and ifva Director Kattie Fan and different sponsoring parties. Finalists of Open, Youth, Media Art and Animation Categories received certificates from the jurors at the press conference today, and also introduced and shared their thoughts on their works. The 22nd ifva Festival will commence on 9 March with media art exhibition “CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine”, which will be held concurrently with the finalist showcase of the Media Art Category of the ifva Awards. Works by finalists of other categories will be screened during the festival, and winners will be announced on 18 March at the Awards Presentation Ceremony. 


Finalists Picturing Humanity in Different Corners of Cities
With an overwhelming of over 1100 applications, the jury panel of ifva carefully selected 48 finalist works for the five categories. Among the ten finalist shorts of Open Category, both social and personal subject matters are handled delicately. Wong Siu-pong’s YAU King documented the vulnerable hundred-year-old elder, while Ng Chun used 15 long takes to illustrate changes in To Kwa Wan in A Long Ride. Finalists of the Youth Category depicted the cruelty of reality and wittiness of life. Animation Category finalists made use of different media to paint a magical reality: Lee Kwok-wai’s award-winning Resettlement Memory made use of miniature model and CG; Angela Wong and Sarah Suen’s Swarm is the only hand-drawn work amongst all finalist entries. Asian New Force Category opens for all Asian talents, so audiences will be able to experience different cultures and aesthetics all at once. Media Art Category showcases works from local and Asian creative, telling about human society through many possibilities of media art, technology and biological principles. 

Tickets for Finalist Showcases of Open Category, Youth Category, Animation Category and Asian New Force Category are now on sale at URBTIX. 

CINEMA 2.0 Exhibition on Cinema, Memory and Time
Media Art Exhibition CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine reflects on the intertwining relationships of cinema, time and memory. Through Polymorf’s installation work Famous Deaths, audiences are invited to lie inside two mortuary freezers to experience the last moments of Princess Diana and Van Gogh by means of sound and scent. The other three works from Phil Solomon and Verena Friedrich strive to contend with aging and respond to the endeavour of prolonging human lifespan. Media Art Category Finalist Showcase will be held concurrently. Exhibition runs from 9 – 29 March at Hong Kong Arts Centre Pao Galleries. Free admission.

Taiwanese Director Shen Ko-shang Sharing his Work          
ifva is honoured to have Taipei Film Festival Director Shen Ko-shang to be the juror of Asian New Force Category. Shen will also be present for a sharing session, where three of his short films Bus Odyssey, A Nice Travel and End of a Century: Miea’s Story will be shown and he will share with us the challenging journey of image creation. 

Joining Force with Foreign Film Festivals to Facilitate Exchange 
ifva will be presenting “Home and Mobility” screening and panel discussion for the first time, supported by WYNG Foundation. Collaborating with the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and Objectifs of Singapore, five Asian short films on immigrants will be shown. Award-winning short films from the 21st ifva had already been shown at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. ifva and Objectifs team up for the first artist-of-residency exchange. Chan Tsz-woon (Hong Kong) and Tan Jingliang (Singapore) will visit each other’s city for a one-month exchange. 

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22nd ifva Festival tickets are now on sale at URBTIX. 
Date: 3 – 19 March 2017 
Enquiry: / 2824 5329 
ifva Festival Programme and Ticketing Brochure:

Art Direction: This edition of ifva has invited Animation Silver Award winning team Lam Ho-tak, Kwok Man-ho and Ng Kai-chung from the previous year to design promotional items and a trailer with the theme of ‘the unexpected outcome from the journey of creation’. 

Image Captions: 
Image 01: The group photo of attending guests and the jury panel
Image 02: (from left to right) Finalists of Open Category; Jurors of Open Category Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Award 2012 Tsang Tsui-shan, and screenwriter of She Remembers, He Forgets Saville Chan
Image 03: (from left to right) Finalists of Youth Category and (the first of top left) Juror of Youth Category Hong Kong Arts Development Council member Adrian Chow
Image 04: (from left to right) Jurors of Animation Category commercial and music video director Welby Chung, motion graphic designer Mandy Tsang, Head of Department of Design, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) Eddy Hui; Finalists of Animation Category; and veteran animator Lo Che-ying
Image 05: (from left to right) Finalists of Media Art Category and Juror of Media Art Category Independent Curator Ying Kwok