Hong Kong Arts Centre and Golden Scene Company Ltd. co-present the unique “Golden Scene Selection”

"Golden Scene Selection", proudly presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Golden Scene Company Ltd., will bring the audience a series of cherry-picked selections from around the world at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema starting from June 2017 onwards. An exclusive Preview of What a Wonderful Family! 2 was held on 5 June 2017 at 7:30pm in the HKAC Cinema with celebrities and media enjoying the select movie. Participating guests are listed in no particular order included麥子樂Bryant Mak、黃浩然 Amos Why、周冠威Kiwi Chow、邵音音Susan Shaw Yam-Yam、彭家麗Angela Pang、寶珮如Baby Po、寇鴻萍Isabella Kau、任港秀Jenny Yam、謝偉倫Alan Tse & FreshLife、黃月童Kawaii、張啟樂Ben Cheung、黃愷傑 Wesley Wong、茜莉妹Juanita Cheng、陳綺雯Aki Chan、丁悅 Tiffany Ting、譚淇淇 Kiki Tam、 黑妹Yip Pui Yin、陶枳樽 Crz To、浵浵 TungTung、白建恩Ronan Pak、安俊豪 Simon On、周芷盈Chow Tsz Ying、黃樂欣 Chaelia Wong、陳麗柔 Natalie Chan、陳綽妮 Elle Chan、倪辰 Lia、迪子TikChi、林雅麗 Alice Lam、翟海晴Fiona Chak、仙樂都 Yo Ng、火爆象 Ela Sun、久美子 Yilin Chiu、黃溢濠Yatho Wong、稅潔Shui Jie、許嘉浩 Karl Hui、趙哲妤 Uny Chiu、楊埕 Sabrina Yeung、林家熙 Locker、蔡廉明 Andrew Choi、溫裕紅Esther Wan、談善言Hedwig Tam.
In the “Golden Scene Selection”, the first moving screening in June is What a Wonderful Family! 2. The master director Yoji Yamada and his all-star cast will return for the movie, a sequel of the director's acclaimed family comedy. In July, Lone Scherfig's latest romantic historical drama Their Finest, starring Gemma Arterton, will move audience to laughter and tears with its witty and moving portrayal of a young female screenwriter finding her way in the mayhem of WWII and the world of cinema.
What a Wonderful Family! 2
Japan | 2017 | 114 mins | In Japanese with Chinese & English subtitles | DCP | Colour
Director: Yoji Yamada
The veteran director Yoji Yamada continues his comedy about the “perfect” Japanese family turned upside down in chaos, laughter and understanding, with an additional taste of death this time.
Their Finest 
England | 2017 | 117 mins | In English with Chinese subtitles | DCP | Colour
Director: Lone Scherfig
Directed by Lone Scherfig, as known from her previous movies One Day and An Education, this movie sets in 1940 in London. Catrin (Gemma Arterton), an untried screenwriter, works under fire with her co-writer Buckley (Sam Claflin) to make a film to lift the nation’s spirits. Through the power of film and her new found love of Buckley, Catrin’s eyes are opened to who she truly is and the possibility of starting a new life.
What a Wonderful Family! 2
June | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema
Date and Screening Time
6 / 15 (Thur) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 16 (Fri) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 17 (Sat) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 18 (Sun) 11:30am / 2:30pm / 5:00pm* / 8:00pm
6 / 19 (Mon) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 20 (Tue) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 21 (Wed) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 22 (Thur) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 23 (Fri) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 24 (Sat) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
6 / 25 (Sun) 11:30am / 2:30pm / 5:00pm* / 8:00pm
Their Finest
July | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema
Date and Screening Time
7 / 21 (Fri) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 22 (Sat) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 23 (Sun) 11:30am / 2:30pm / 5:00pm* / 8:00pm
7 / 24 (Mon) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 25 (Tue) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 26 (Wed) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 27 (Thur) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 28 (Fri) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 29 (Sat) 6:30pm / 9:00pm
7 / 30 (Sun) 11:30am / 2:30pm / 5:00pm* / 8:00pm
*After-screening discussion will be held
Ticket price: $85 / 68*
*Tickets for full-time students, senior citizens, aged 60 or above, and people with disabilities.
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Image captions:(From left to right) Nelson Leong, Chairman of Board of Governors of Hong Kong Arts Centre; Winnie Tsang, Managing Director of Golden Scene Company Ltd.; Connie Lam, Executive Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre; Teresa Kwong, Programme Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre attended the Exclusive Preview of What a Wonderful Family! 2.