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Honorary Fellowship

In recognition of exceptional achievements in the arts sector and enduring dedication to nurturing young artists.

2023 Honorary Fellowship

● Mr. Johnson Chang (contemporary art curator)
● Mr. Mok Chiu Yu (multi-media artist)
● Ms. Jessey Tsang Chui Shan (the distinguished filmmaker)

2022 Honorary Fellowship

● Ms. Ann Hui (the distinguished filmmaker)
● Mr. Chi-tak Li (the renowned comic artist)

2021 Honorary Fellowship

Suspension of 2021 Honorary Fellowship due to the impact of the pandemic

2020 Honorary Fellowship

● Mr. Kung Chi-shing (Composer / Performer / Music Activist)              ● Ms. Winnie Tsang (Managing Director of Golden Scene...

2019 Honorary Fellowship

● Mr. Gaylord Chan, MBE, BBS (Visual Artist / Educator)
● Mr. Percy Fung Tze-cheong (Producer / Technical Director)
● Mr. Tang Shu-wing (Theatre Director / Actor / Drama Educator)

2018 Honorary Fellowship

● Ms. Theresa Lee Wai-chun (Comics artist)
● Mr. Samson Young Kar-fai (Composer / Artist)
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