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CineFan Sep/Oct Programme: David Cronenberg, The Master of Body Horror

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.09.03 - 2022.10.30
Price: $75 
Presented by: The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

CineFan Sep/Oct featuring masterpieces by David Cronenberg and Alain Resnais:


l   “David Cronenberg, The Master of Body Horror” nine-film retrospective: including THE FLY, NAKED LUNCH, CRASH, and EXISTENZ; 

l   “Alain Resnais – The Meanderings of Memory”, a selection of ten-film paying tribute to the French maestro on the 100th anniversary of his birth, including HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR, LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD, PROVIDENCE and MY AMERICAN UNCLE; 

l   Complementing the Cronenberg thrillers are British auteur Ken Russell’s cult classic ALTERED STATES, Jacques Tourneur's gothic tale CAT PEOPLE, Jack Arnold's science fiction adventure THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, and Charles Laughton's directorial masterpiece THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.


Programme Enquiries: cinefan.hkiff.org.hk / 2970 3300 / info@hkiff.org.hk


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