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Independently Yours: Cosmopolitanism, Rebellion and Sexual Citizens - an Evans Chan retrospective

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2018.11.18 - 2018.11.24
Price: Standard ticket: $75. Tickets available at URBTIX now.  

In 2014, The Economist cited the late Qing scholar Kang Youwei as the inaugurator of Chinese student activism, of which Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement was its latest manifestation. Evans Chan’s Chinatopia, a documentary about Kang -- China’s first major constitutional reformer and the world’s first advocate, at the turn of the 20th century, of gay marriage creates a thematic canopy for the five films in this retrospective, which explores a Chinese century’s quest for artistic cosmopolitanism (The Rose of the Name), democracy (Raise the Umbrellas and We Have Boots) and the empowerment of sexual minorities and women (Death in Montmartre and The Map of Sex and Love). This retrospective includes an open lecture by Chan about Southern China’s cosmopolitanism and the global legacy of Martin Luther King.


“Evans Chan has made a singular contribution to Hong Kong cinema and at the same time a major contribution to the whole spectrum of contemporary film-making. His work achieves a seamless blend of fact and fiction to produce an innovative kind of essayistic cinema, driven equally by issues and by his own experiences and perceptions. He draws on everything from literature and political studies to journalism and social-activist campaigns for his subjects – and on everything from film history to performance art for his images. Best of all, he’s rigorously non-conformist: he asks the awkward questions, probes the areas of sensitivity and challenges orthodoxies at every turn.” -- Tony Rayns, British film critic  

Screening Schedule
18/11 (Sun)  2:30pm  Death in Montmartre*
18/11 (Sun)  7:00pm  Raise the Umbrellas + We Have Boots*
20/11 (Tue)  7:30pm  The Map of Sex and Love*
23/11 (Fri)    4:30pm  Chinatopia
24/11 (Sat)   2:30pm  The Rose of the Name: Writing Hong Kong*
*With after-screening discussion
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Death in Montmartre (Special Preview)
Director: Evans Chan
Hong Kong | 2018 | 106' 00" | In Mandarin & English with English and Chinese subtitles | HD | Color
18/11 (Sun) 2:30pm*
*With after-screening discussion: 

Panel Discussion: Mette Hjort, Petula Ho; Moderated by: Denise Tang (Discussion would be conducted in English, and partly in Cantonese.)

Two decades after her suicide in Paris in 1995 at the age of 26, Taiwan’s foundational lesbian novelist Qiu Miaojin has prevailed as a global Chinese LGBTQ icon and an international literary discovery for her “thrillingly transgressive” work.  Documentarian Evans Chan traces Qiu’s lovelorn footsteps from Taiwan to Paris to Tokyo, resulting in a Chinese filmic counterpoint to Blue is the Warmest Color with a tragic note. Blending fiction, performing art, and rare interviews with Qiu’s friends, advocates, and associates, including France’s feminist philosopher Hélène Cixous, Death in Montmartre is an artful exploration of the poignant and inspiring life and death of a gay-rights “martyr” in Taiwan, which, in 2017, became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.  
(Death in Montmartre originated as a Radio Television Hong Kong-commissioned production for its Chinese Writers Series II (2016/2017).  And a 52-min version, without English subtitles, was broadcast in Hong Kong in January, 2017. This is the 106 minute full version that Evans Chan has recently completed.)

Raise the Umbrellas + We Have Boots (Special Preview)

18/11 (Sun) 7pm*
*With after-screening discussion: 

Panel Discussion: Margaret Ng, Shiu Ka-chun, Tommy Cheung; Moderated by Hui Po-keung (Discussion would be conducted in Cantonese.)

Raise the Umbrellas
Director: Evans Chan
USA | 2018 | 117' 00" | In Cantonese & English with English & Chinese subtitles | HD | Color
Four years later, Hong Kong’s 2014 democratic Umbrella Movement has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, with intense political backlash against protesters still unfolding. Raise the Umbrellas has been hailed as a “moving,” “must-see,” and “the most comprehensive documentary” about this unique 79-day Occupy campaign on Chinese soil.  Yet despite its inclusion of anti-Occupy views, such as an interview with the pro-Beijing heavyweight Jasper Tsang, it has repeatedly been the target of censorship. Evans Chan has updated the film’s ending to reflect the latest fallout, and this is its first public screening in Hong Kong after its extensive tour in American and European universities and festivals. “A powerful film,” said French critic Jean-Michel Frodon, “it connects the past and present of Chinese democratic movements, and the multigenerational phenomenon of the Hong Kong occupation.”
More info for Raise the Umbrellaswww.raisetheumbrellas.com
(Photos courtesy of P H Yang Photography | http://phyang.org/)
This screening will be paired with: 
We Have Boots (Special Preview)
Director: Evans Chan
USA | 2018 | 66' 00" | In Cantonese & English with English & Chinese Subtitles | HD | Color 

We Have Boots is a moving sequel to Raise the Umbrellas, featuring young activists, Agnes Chow, Ray Wong, Alex Chow, Tommy Cheung; artist Kacey Wong; legislator Shiu Ka-chun; and Occupy initiators, Benny Tai and Chan Kin-man. In the post-Umbrella era of disqualification and prosecution, all of them reflect on their personal paths – from pursuing graduate studies or seeking political asylum overseas, to accepting the political cost of dissent by confronting the prospect of imprisonment.  The title of the film is inspired by a poem by the African American poet, Nikki Giovanni: “We begin a poem / with longing / and end with / responsibility / And laugh / all through the storms / that are bound / to come / We have umbrellas / We have boots / We have each / other.” 

The Map of Sex and Love
Director: Evans Chan
Hong Kong & USA | 2001 | 130' 00" | In Cantonese & English with English & Chinese subtitles | D-Beta | Color 

20/11 (Tue) 7:30pm*
*With after-screening discussion: 

Panel Discussion: Gina Marchetti, Mike Ingham (Discussion would be conducted in English, and partly in Cantonese.)

Hailed as "a rare film from Hong Kong, wise and profound" by the 2001 Hong Kong International Film Festival, The Map of Sex and Love explores history, past and present, and love, gay and straight, through three interrelated stories – “Rubber Band,” “Belgrade,” and “Nazi Gold.” In “Rubber Band,” a gay dancer is advised to heal his perversity by snapping a rubber band against his wrist; in “Belgrade,” a girl has a traumatic revelation while traveling in Eastern Europe; and in “Nazi Gold,” a filmmaker has an eerie encounter with traces of the Third Reich in Macau. “The film is…seductive as it negotiates the spaces between desire and inhibition, between the troubled mind and the always troublesome body, between cruising and map-making.” (TimeOut London) Bernardo Chow, Cherie Ho, and Victor Ma, who received a nomination for The Best Supporting Actor at the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival, give riveting performances.

Director: Evans Chan
Hong Kong, Taiwan & USA | 2014 | 73' 00" | In Cantonese, Mandarin & English with Chinese & English subtitles | HD | Color
23/11 (Fri) 4:30pm

Chinatopia is an abridged version of Evans Chan’s two-part documentaries, acclaimed by critics and historians, Two or Three Things about Kang Youwei  (2013) and Datong: The Great Society (2011).  While previously known mainly for spearheading the Hundred Days Reform (1889), a modernization drive crushed by Empress Dowager Cixi, Kang Youwei comes alive in Chinatopia through evocation of his cosmopolitanism and Asian American activism – including an anti-American boycott he orchestrated in 1905-06 to beat back the Chinese Exclusion Acts, which resulted in two meetings with a conciliatory Theodore Roosevelt. “From a diasporic perspective,” said historian Huang Ke-wu, “Chan has fashioned an unusual framework to examine modern Chinese history…[the Datong films force] us to re-examine…the idealism and disillusionment that the Chinese people have experienced during the past century… they matched triumphantly ‘the truth of history’ with ‘the beauty of art’.” 


The Rose of the Name: Writing Hong Kong
Hong Kong | 2014 | 105’ 00" | In Cantonese, Mandarin & English with Chinese & English subtitles | HD | Color
24/11 (Sat) 2:30pm*

Panel Discussion: Yan Pat-to, Louis Ho; Moderated by Cheung Ho Sum, Sam (Discussion would be conducted in Cantonese.)

As the first film to feature scenes from Hong Kong’s 2014 democratic Umbrella Movement, this essayistic documentary offers a portrait of Dung Kai-cheung, the city’s emerging voice in world literature, a slice of social history through interviews with his family members, as well as a mini-history of Hong Kong literature. Rose explores not only the challenge faced by writers working in a so-called "cultural desert," but also the search of an ethnic and cultural minority for its literary and political voice in Greater China and the world. “Chan’s wide-angle perspective succeeds not only in placing the writer firmly in the line that stretches from Borges to Calvino,” said British film critic Tony Rayns, “but also convincingly connects Dung’s work with Hong Kong’s new generation of protestors themselves. This is cinema for the 21st century: a conceptual blend of fiction, nonfiction and performance art that’s completely in synch with its subject.”
More info for The Rose of the Name: Writing Hong Kongwww.evanschan.com
The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

Tickets available at URBTIX now. 


Ticket prices: $75 / 60*

* 20% discount for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. Tickets for CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis. Concessionary ticket holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.


** 20% off for each purchase of 4 or more standard tickets.


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*To know more about the talk “HKAC Art Shop Inspiration series x Lingnan University 50th Anniversary Lecture Series (2017-2018): Cosmopolitanism, Civil Disobedience and The Global Legacy of Martin Luther King included in this programme, please visit https://www.hkac.org.hk/calendar_detail/?u=VEfBtuw6w_U&lang=en for details.

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