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Learning & Seminar

Rewarding art experiences often come when all the dots connect. In Hong Kong Arts Centre, we strive not only to provide quality art encounters but also to ensure the audience and the community get the most out of the experience. We believe art should be accessible to all. People could engage themselves with the arts though our exhibitions, docent tours, performances, workshops and other education and outreach projects, to be inspired to dream, reflect and refresh.
We believe art empowers and ignites people passion in life and through our curated art education and outreach programmes, we aim to facilitate the audience to find enjoyment as well as aesthetic response to their life. From children with a curious mind, to kidult who look for artistic challenge and young olds that pursue for enrichment, we tailor-made art appreciation programmes that enable people to enjoy art to its fullest. 

New short courses and workshops will be announced soon, stay tuned!


Higher Diploma in Fine Art & Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Information Session

The two programme seminars are now open to all who hope to begin fine art study journey with major studio practice or further develop their art learning with an in-depth focus on major...

Hong Kong Arts Centre Late Night Series 2024 - Art X

The Hong Kong Arts Centre Late Night Series 2024 - Art X will be held on April 13th, featuring the exhibition Yokai Parade: Supernatural Monsters from Japan by Pao Galleries. With a focus...

Cultural and Social Innovation Management: the Fluidity of Innovation and Execution

With the recent developments in the field of social innovation, more projects involve arts practitioners. The use of arts elements in social services has transformed from painting classes...