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Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) as a non-profit arts institution serves audience of diverse backgrounds including the physically impaired and the ethnic minorities in our community. It also acts as an inclusive platform on which general artists and their counterparts from all over the world get together to ignite flares of creativity and inspiration.


We thrive to bring about artistic excellence by means of arts programming and art education, while we also pledge to enhance social well-being through contemporary arts and cultural offerings which foster artistic placemaking, social and cross-generation dialogues and more. As a self-financing arts organisation without receiving any recurrent funding from the government, WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT and YOUR DONATION CAN MEAN A LOT TO US to help us continue to nurture local talents and encourage cultural exchange, connecting Hong Kong with the world through art programmes and providing more quality arts education to the next generation through our education arm Hong Kong Art School.


In the past four decades, we have reached close to 22,000,000 local and overseas audience.


HKAC is a registered charity and non-profit organisation. Tax-deductible receipt will be issued to any donation of HK$100 or above. Contributions up to the amounts listed below will be acknowledged in official publications of the HKAC. Just click to the colour button below, your donation will be on its way to support our art presentation and art education, simple and quick....



Donations HK$30,000 or above
Acknowledgement in the HKAC official website, quarterly publication Artslink, Annual Report & HKAC G/F Acknowledgement Screen


Executive Director's Office
Tel: 852-25820296
Fax: 852-25192000
Email: edoffice@hkac.org.hk