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Here at Hong Kong Arts Centre, the wide array of Performing Arts programmes celebrate the essence of “now”. Being contemporary, breaking away from classification, and presenting new perspectives in dance, theatre and music. 
We champion the making of new works, by connecting artists and creative talents in exploring ideas, master their craft and empower for artistic excellence; we are more than the performance but also the platform in nurturing relationship, forging collaboration and artistic exchange with the international scene.
We also embody the spirit of growing with the audience, in which art appreciation forms an integral experience we offer including insightful pre/post-show talks, artist encounters, participative workshops and outreach projects for different communities in Hong Kong.

New performance will be announced soon, stay tuned!


Art x Internet Literature: Goddess

There is someone in everyone’s mind who leaves marks and residues that shape their love in the future even when the person is no longer there.    Keisson, a man who enjoys...

Pop-Up Performance [Open Call Now]

Notes drifting in the air, floating in the intangible; Melodies varying, touching the soul; Good music always conveys stories and soothes the heart. If you aspire to share your music with a...

Art x Emotion: Resonance in the Chamber [Recap]

Art x Emotion: Resonance in the Chamber Music is intertwined with human emotions. It evokes emotional resonance by delicately depicting our affective responses and sensory feedback. A...

Art x Wellbeing: Healing Harmonies [Recap]

Art x Wellbeing: Healing Harmonies In traditional Chinese medicine, music not only nourishes life but also heals illness. As stated in the ancient Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic,...

Art x Physics: Percussive Playground [Recap]

Art x Physics: Percussive PlaygroundWhat kind of sparks will fly when art meets physics?The development of physics and music go hand in hand, as sound is produced by the vibration of air:...

Spoken Words Music Series [Recap]

Music to be heard, words to be spoken. Let there be poetry and songs.  When melody meets words, could the words be striked by the sound of music that hit our heart? Following Street...

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