Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel - Screening

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2020.11.26 - 2020.11.27
Price: Free Admission  

Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel presents two film screenings.
Supported by Hong Kong Arts Centre.


Screening 1

Thursday, November 26, 4pm - 5:45pm 

Li Zhenhua Looking for Wong Kar-Wai 

Hong Kong | 2018-19 | Cantonese, Mandarin, English | 95min | English subtitle

Looking for Wong Kar-Wai is a project that revisits and rethinks about the films by Wong Kar Wai and the changing of Hong Kong. His films always show a longing for the passing by situation with people, and are about encounters and loss. It’s a filmic work which tries to document Hong Kong through the films and to link that with the past and present, with the team of Beijing- and Zurich-based multimedia artist and producer Li Zhenhua, Chen Xiao, Shen Xiaomin, and Sampo Sarkola.

‘It’s about one person looking for another person with traces in film and reality; it’s about one culture seeking another culture with understanding and appreciation. Do people really understand each other from the constructed world through film, or do we understand each other better in reality?’

Li Zhenhua, born in Beijing in 1975, lives and works as a curator and multi-media artist between Berlin, Zurich and China. He curated the Film program of Art Basel in Hong Kong since 2014 and is the founder of Laboratory Art Beijing. Li is also a prolific writer and serial panelist, whose focus rests on the shifting art practices in China.


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Screening 2
Friday, November 27, 5pm - 5:45pm 

A selection of short films, courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery.  
Running time:  36’36”  

  • Ellen Pau She Moves (1988, 3’12’’)
  • Wong Ping The Modern Way to Shower (2019, 12’30’’)
  • Tromarama The Charade (2014, 3’54)
  • Zheng Bo Pteridophilia I (2016, 17’)


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