Page Around: Experimental Animated Shorts Screening

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2021.05.04
Time: 7:15pm 
Price: Free Admission. Online Reservation is required.  
Page Around: Experimental Animated Shorts Screening
The animation screening, Page Around, is a compilation of four experimental animated shorts created  by directors from Mexico, Germany/ Switzerland, Poland and Hong Kong respectively. Drawing inspiration from primary images of  books, four directors  translate those images  into extensive and imaginative   visual languages and newly invented meanings. They play with the “limitations” laid out by the original images, such as the images' illustration styles, printing technology and material textures. An unexpected world has been built up throughout the process of disassembling and reassembling.  The after-screening discussion with four directors will be moderated by animation and new media artist Tamas Waliczky.


4/5 (Tue) 8pm* 
*With artists' sharing (Conducted in English)


Free Admission. Online Reservation is required. 


Featured Works: 
Simon GERBAUD | Liber (2013)
Gerd GOCKELL | Not My Type (2017)
Andrea GUIZAR | Toothless (2021)
Aggie Pak Yee LEE | Beauty And The Beast  (2021)


Tamas Waliczky

Beauty And The Beast 
Director: Aggie Pak Yee Lee 
2020 | DCP | 3'30"
A lady met a lovely beast, a slimy one. 
Artist Bio
Aggie Pak Yee Lee is an animation director/artist from Hong Kong, graduated in Estonia. Her works draw inspiration from the playful relationship between the flow of sound and of images, with a tint of stupidity. Both of her experimental and narrative shorts were showcased in several festivals such as Sundance, Annecy, Golden Horse Taiwan and Montreal IAF.
Beauty and the Beasts

Director: Andrea Guizar
2020 | HDV | 12'13" 
Clara mysteriously loses one tooth while sleeping. Swallowed by a gigantic mouth, and after being abandoned by her partner, she enters an underground world where a surreal Sci Fi advertising invites her to “ELECTRODENT” a clinic that promises to fix teeth… but not only.

Artist Bio
Andrea Guizar is a filmmaker and visual artist born in 1989 in Mexico City. She had directed the films Construction (2013), Mosaico, el vals del bazo (2015), Spa End of the World (2016) and A Cat’s Consciousness (2017). She is currently working in her graduation film Toothless (2020) to obtain an MA degree at the National Film School in Łódź. 
The Polish National Film School in Łódź, one of the oldest film schools in the world, puts special emphasis on practical work in its teaching programme. The school educates directors, directors of photography, animators, photographers, screenwriters, editors, film and television production managers and actors.

Director: Simon Gerbaud
2013 | HDV | 4'34" 

What is a library? Build a definition with words; knowledge, memory and refuge are, among others, the definitions of the users of this place. Animation explores them from their processes: capturing the light projected on a mirror and covered by a perforated sheet, organizing independent photographs to form a sequence, giving an expression to inert objects.

Artist Bio
Simon Gerbaud is a visual artist and director of the Bachelor of Film Animation at the Escuela Superior de Cine. He has participated in exhibitions, animation and video-art festivals in Mexico, Spain, France, the United States, the Netherlands, China, Japan and Iraq, among others. In 2019, he presents an individual exhibition at the Casa del Lago (CDMX) and the Cinemateca of Bogotá organizes a retrospective exhibition of his work.

More information:


Not My Type
Director: Gerd Gockell
2017 | DCP | 3'00"

An experimental animation about the history of typography, print media and a mosquito experiencing Shakespeares most famous quote.            
Artist Bio
Born in Darmstadt in 1960, Gerd Gockell graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brunswick in 1987. In 1990, he founded ANIGRAF film production with Kirsten Winter in Hanover. Since 1992, Gockell has started teaching in various cities, including Brunswick, Singapore, Kassel and Potsdam, and he was appointed as the Head of the Animation Department at the University of Applied Science and Arts Lucerne, Switzerland, from 2002 to 2011.

He is currently living and working in Lucerne and Hanover.

Not My Type


Curated by: 
Doris Poon 
Ching Wong

Poster Design:
Auden Lincoln-Vogel

Special Thanks to: 
Finn Ho

Supported by: 
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hong Kong Arts Centre 



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