Master Li’s Fortune Calligraphy

Venue: 4/F & 5/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2021.09.15 - 2021.09.19
Time: 10am-8pm 
Price: Free Admission 
Presented by Edward Li Co. Ltd. & Master Li Cultural Emporium
Created by Master Li Kui-ming with his enlightenments through Esoteric Buddhism practice over the past 3 decades, “Master Li’s Fortune Calligraphy” has had hidden power supported by ancient Chinese culture, the five elements (Wu Xing) and Astrology, it breaks the reading barrier of traditional Chinese calligraphy, sustains and flourishes the ancient Sanskrit seed words of "Siddhaṃ script" in contemporary life, encourages people to be kind-hearted and positive thinking, strive for improvements with a pure and positive mind. Philosophies and Buddhism preaching are planted in every seed word. Master Li’s Fortune Calligraphy has been widespread since 2021.
Enquires: 2893 3072 / 2833 9151 /

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