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New Book Launch ─ Moon of the Moon by Chi-tak LI

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema and Atrium, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2020.05.22 - 2020.05.24
Price: Free Admission 

Full moon is always worth the wait! The event has been rescheduling to 22-24 May.


Mark your calendar for the book signing by Chi-tak Li and limited-edition goods on sale on 23 May.

People who successfully reserved or registered for waiting list in March will receive an email from HKAC on 8 May, please reply the email by 14 May to confirm your seat.

Please also stay tuned to the Facebook Live from Hong Kong Arts Centre on 23 May.


 Artist Talk  ∣  Book Signing Session  ∣  Comics Originals Pop-up Exhibition 

Presenters: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base), Today Publications


The Chinese version of Moon of the Moon, a brand-new comics by renowned Hong Kong comics artist Chi-tak Li, in collaboration with the Louvre Museum in France, is formally released!

Moon of the Moon set its background in the classical art museum of the Louvre and focuses on five decommissioned clones. They should have been dead, but two scientists clandestinely revived them, giving them new lives but spying on them in secret. The revived clones, however, severed all the connections. Did they achieve a form of self-consciousness? Is this experiment successful? Through a series of tracking and chasing, the revived clones and the two scientists finally met at the Louvre. Chi-tak Li has attempted to navigate the historic beauty of the Louvre in a fitting manner through this comic.

In other to deconstruct the new story and share with comics lovers some of the backstories during the creation process, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base) and Today Publications has co-organised a series of book launch activities including artist talk, book signing session and comics originals pop-up exhibition. 

Comics and classical art lovers surely cannot miss these events accompanying the book launch!



 Artist Talk 

Speakers: Chi-tak LI, fatmoonba

Date: 23.05.2020 (Sat)
Time: 15:00-15:30 (14:45 entry)
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Free Admission

Conducted in Cantonese
Quota: 30 people


People who reserved or registered for waiting lit in March successfully will receive an email from HKAC on 8 May, please reply the email by 14 May to confirm your seat.

Comics artist Chi-tak Li will share his thoughts on participating in the recreation of BD Louvre project in person.

For those who cannot make it to the sharing session, please stay tuned with us on the Hong Kong Arts Centre Facebook Live on that day!



 Book Signing Session 

Date: 23.05.2020 (Sat)
Time: 15:45-17:00
Venue: Atrium, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
No reservation is needed, queuing on site for signature.

Comics artist Chi-tak Li will sign his new book Moon of the Moon for readers.

Both the Chinese and the French version of Moon of the Moon are available at The HKAC Art Shop located at the G/F Lobby. All purchase of Moon of the Moon (Chinese version) on the day will come with a limited-edition postcard. Limited-edition goods will also be available on that day. 



 Moon of the Moon Comics Originals Pop-up Exhibition 

Date: 22-24.05.2020 (Fri to Sun, for a limited period of THREE days only)
Time: 09:00-23:00
Venue: Atrium, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Free Admission


Chi-tak Li has kindly consented to lend 10 original comic manuscripts of Moon of the Moon to the Hong Kong Arts Centre for a three days limited period exhibition. Visitors can feel for themselves through these precious drawings the magical Louvre rendered by Li and the charms of his style that is unique to Hong Kong. 


Enquiry: 25820200 / chb@hkac.org.hk

The Organisers reserve the right to the final decision of the detailed arrangements of the events.




利志達 Chi-tak LI

Website: lichitak.com

Facebook: lichitakoffice


Chi-tak Li began his career in the comics industry in 1982. After working for a corporate comics publisher in Hong Kong for a month, he decided to start his own venture as a freelancer. Following on from the release of The Wisely series, he self-published Tong Men Shao Nian, a prominent title which rocketed him to fame in 1987. He has since developed a distinctive art style, creating his own visual world with eerily experimental works that broke genre rules. 

Li’s transmedia creations transcend the boundary of comics and expand into movies, experimental theatres, literature, pop music and sculptures. His idiosyncratic style has attracted the attention and commissions from local and international brands.  Li is also well-known to the international comics scene. His comics has been published in places like Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mainland China, France and Italy since the 90s.

In 2016, the Hong Kong Arts Centre had jointly curated Li’s solo exhibition with the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France as one of the Festival’s thematic exhibitions. His French comics The Beast, a collaborative project with the famous Belgian writer Jean Dufaux, was released at the same time. This solo exhibition had given birth to another international cooperation opportunity. Li was invited by the Louvre Museum to create a new comics Moon of the Moon. The French version was released in November 2019 in Europe and the Hong Kong Chinese version by Today Publications in March 2020.



To reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, the organiser has implemented the following precautionary measures.

  • Mandatory body temperature checks are implemented. Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons whose body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius (as indicated by the temperature detector used by organiser) or to those who have significant respiratory infections into the venue.
  • Participants are required to clean their hands with hand sanitiser before admission.
  • Participants are required to wear their own mask inside the venue.
  • To avoid people gathering, participants are required to follow the staff instructions during the artist talk and book signing session, and maintain social distancing.

 The organiser will review the situation and adjust the measures if necessary. We appreciate your understanding.

The organiser reserves the rights of final decision on the arrangement.


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