[Cancelled] Golden Scene Selection - March

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2020.03.26 - 2020.03.29
Price: Standard ticket: $80. Tickets are now available at PUTYOURSELF.in.  

"Golden Scene Selection", proudly presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) and Golden Scene Company Limited, will bring the audience a series of cherry-picked selections from around the world at the HKAC.

【Cancellation Notice for Golden Scene Selection – March】

In view of the latest situation of the novel coronavirus and to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, all screenings of Golden Scene Selection March on 26 – 29 March will be cancelled. PUTYOURSELF.in will arrange a refund for the audience with purchased ticket(s).

For any enquiries, please contact us via email look@putyourself.in or mi01@hkac.org.hk 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
Screening Schedule
26/3 (Thu) 8pm       The Garden of Evening Mists
27/3 (Fri) 8pm         La Belle Epoque
28/3 (Sat) 2:15pm   The Translators
28/3 (Sat) 4:45pm   Misbehaviour (Preview)
28/3 (Sat) 8pm        Tora-san, Wish You Were Here (Preview)
29/3 (Sun) 2pm       Dark Waters
29/3 (Sun) 4:45pm  Tora-san, Wish You Were Here (Preview)
29/3 (Sun) 8pm       Misbehaviour (Preview)
The Garden of Evening Mists
Director: Tom Lin
Cast: Sylvia Chang, Angelica Lee, Abe Hiroshi, David Oakes, Julian Sands, John Hannah
Malaysia | 2019 | 120’ | In English, Mandarin and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour 
26/3 (Thu) 8pm 
Embittered by the atrocities of the World War II in Malaya, Teoh Yun Ling seeks solace in the Cameron Highlands, where she discovers Yugiri, the only Japanese garden in Malaya and its mysterious owner Nakamura Aritomo. He reluctantly accepts her as an apprentice so she can build a garden for her sister who perished in a labour camp. Later Yun Ling and Aritomo begin a forbidden love affair.  


La Belle Epoque
Director: Nicolas Bedos
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet, Doria Tillier, Fanny Ardant
France | 2019 | 115’ | In French with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour 
27/3 (Fri) 8pm 
Victor, sixtysomething, has his life turned upside down the day that Antoine, a flourishing entrepreneur, offers him a unique new brand of entertainment. Using a combination of theatrical artifice and historical re-enactment, his company gives its clients the opportunity to delve back into the period of their choice. Victor decides to relive the most memorable week of his existence, 40 years earlier, when he met the love of his life... 


The Translators
Director: Régis Roinsard
Cast: Lambert Wilson, Olga Kurylenko, Riccardo Scamarcio, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Eduardo Noriega, Alex Lawther
France | 2019 | 105’ | In French, English (in parts), Spanish (in parts) and Putonghua (in parts) with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour 
28/3 (Sat) 2:15pm 
Nine translators, who are hired to translate the eagerly awaited final book of a bestselling trilogy, are confined in a luxurious bunker. When the first ten pages of the top-secret manuscript appear online, the dream job becomes a nightmare – the thief is one of them and the publisher (Lambert Wilson) is ready to do whatever it takes to unmask him… or her. A suspenseful, edge-of-the-seat whodunit that will keep you riveted till the very end.  


Dark Waters
Director: Todd Haynes
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Bill Pullman
United States | 2019 | 126’ | In English with Chinese subtitles | DCP | Colour 
29/3 (Sun) 2pm 
Inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney (Ruffalo) uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths due to one of the world’s largest corporations. In the process, he risks everything – his future, his family, and his own life – to expose the truth.


Misbehaviour (Preview)
Director: Philippa Lowthorpe
Cast: Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jessie Buckley, Keeley Hawes, Lesley Manville, Rhys Ifans, Greg Kinnear
United Kingdom | 2020 | 106' | In English with Chinese subtitles | DCP | Colour 
28/3 (Sat) 4:45pm
29/3 (Sun) 8pm 
In 1970, the Miss World competition took place in London, hosted by US comedy legend, Bob Hope. At the time, Miss World was the most-watched TV show on the planet with over 100 million viewers. Claiming that beauty competitions demeaned women, the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement achieved overnight fame by invading the stage and disrupting the live broadcast of the competition. Not only that, when the show resumed, the result caused an uproar: the winner was not the Swedish favourite but Miss Grenada, the first black woman to be crowned Miss World. In a matter of hours, a global audience had witnessed the patriarchy driven from the stage and the Western ideal of beauty turned on its head.



Tora-san, Wish You Were Here (Preview)
Director: Yoji Yamada
Cast: Chieko Baisho, Gin Maeda, Hidetaka Yishioka, Kumiko Goto, Mari Natsuki, Ruriko Asaoka, Kiyoshi Atsumi
Japan | 2019 | 116’ | In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour 
28/3 (Sat) 8pm
29/3 (Sun) 4:45pm 
On the sixth anniversary of the death of Mitsuo Suwa’s wife, a memorial service is held at Kurumaya, formerly a long-standing traditional confectionery store on the approach to Taishakuten Temple in Shibamata. It has been reborn as a modern cafe, but the living quarters in the back remain unchanged. After the service, the conversation inevitably turns to lively reminiscences of the past, especially the many times that Torajiro, a travelling salesman and the black sheep of the Kuruma family, brought his latest unrequited love interest back with him, sending the house into an uproar... Half a century has now passed since Torajiro, fondly (and not-so-fondly) referred to as Tora, first returned to Kurumaya after leaving home in his youth. 
Mitsuo, who was an office worker for many years, now enjoys a career as a full-time writer, after a novel he wrote in his spare time won recognition. His latest work has also been well received, and a book-signing session is held for him to meet and greet fans. However, upon glancing at the waiting line, he is stunned to see his first love, Izumi Oikawa, who he had once promised to marry. She now lives in Europe but has returned to Japan on a business trip, during which she stumbled across Mitsuo’s signing event. He makes quick work of the session, telling Izumi he wants her to meet someone, then takes her to a small jazz cafe. Izumi takes one look at the proprietor’s face, and is astonished: it is Lily, the greatest love of Tora’s life, who she met on the island of Amami Oshima over 20 years ago. Reunited after so many years, the three share their dearest memories of Tora. As they talk, Mitsuo and Izumi sense a warmth growing between them. Later that night, Izumi visits Kurumaya...



Tickets are now available at PUTYOURSELF.in


Ticket price: $80 / 64*
*20% discount for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder. Concessionary ticket holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.
*20% off for each purchase of 4 or more standard tickets.  


For admission, audience must present the QR code (either in electric or printed version) shown on the PUTYOURSELF.in e-ticket at the venue.
Ticketing enquiry: 2819 8274 | look@putyourself.in (Office hour: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm)
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Co-Presenters: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Golden Scene Company Limited

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