Body Schema - Yeung Siu-fong Solo Exhibition

Venue: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.07.10 - 2019.07.14
Time: 10am - 6pm 

‘My art is meaningless without body.’

‘Body schema’ was at first understood to be a summary of our bodily experience,  capable  of  providing  any  momentary  interoceptivity  and  proprioceptivity with a commentary and a signification. It was assumed to provide me with the change of position of the parts of my body for each movement of one of them, the position of each local stimulus in the body as a whole, an assessment of the movements accomplished at each moment of a complex gesture, and finally a perpetual translation into visual language of the momentary kinesthetic and articular impressions.’
Merleau-Ponty, Mauric, Phenomenology of Perception (2012)

What is the capacity of ‘Body’? How far a ‘Body’ could extend?

What is the limit of ‘Body’? How does a ‘non-standard body’ move and function?

I always question how my ‘body’ is, and in what form does it exist? What exactly is a ‘body’? The ‘body’ we observe by naked eyes is disparate from that of we feel by sentience. As I was so unfamiliar with ‘body’, felt so strange of ‘body’, I reconstructed my cognition of ‘body’ by exterior, objects, senses and perception.

Yeung Siu-fong graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University (programme co-presented with Hong Kong Art School). She works in interdisciplinary media to explore the representations of body. Her current practice combines forms of painting, ceramics, photography, video, sound and performance.

Recent exhibitions include the ‘Fresh Trend 2018’ and ‘Sometimes Irrelevant’ (2018). She participated in ‘HK Butoh Season 2017 - STRANGERS IN THE GARDEN 2- Black Milk & White Coal’ Exchange Performance Project as performer and her live art project ‘Inside the Wall’ and ‘In Vain’ were presented in the South Island Art Day 2018 and 2019 respectively. Yeung currently lives and works in Hong Kong. ‘Body Schema’ is Yeung’s first solo exhibition.

Body Schema: An Exploration of Body Workshop
The ‘Exploration of the Body’ workshop is now open for registration!
The solo exhibition of Yeung Siu-fong, named ‘Body Schema’, will be held from 10th July 14th July. The exhibition will bring to the public some extra thinkings and discussions about body aesthetics. The exhibition provides two sessions of workshops for the public. The participants can have a different experience in the workshop which will inspire them to further discover their bodies and their feelings. This will finally lead them to redefine and reconstruct the knowledge of the body.

Workshop Date & Time:
Session 1: July 14 (Sun) 11 am - 12:30 pm
Session 2: July 14 (Sun) 2 - 3:30 pm

Venue: Room 1012, 10th Floor, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai)

Workshop Facilitator: Yeung Siu-Fong, Hon Wing Yi, JP
* The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.

Free admission(First come first served!)

For application, please visit the following link

1. This workshop welcomes participants aged 16 or above only;
2. Each application only accept a maximum of 2 participants;
3. When registration is successful, a confirmation letter will be sent to the participant (by email);
4. Participants are encouraged to visit the exhibition of the ‘Body Schema’ on the 3rd floor of the Hong Kong Arts Centre before going to the workshop;
5. Photo shooting is not allowed during the workshop;
6. Due to limited space, ADAHK reserve the right to determine the final number of participants in the workshop

Presenter: Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
Key Partner: Lee Hysan Foundation
Supporter: Hong Kong Arts centre, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

ADAHK is finanically supported by the HKADC
Special thanks to Hong Kong Art School
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