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Late Night Series — Art X Tender is the night: Live your dreams: Dreamcatcher Workshop

Venue: Online Streaming 
Date: 2020.11.13
Time: 18:00 - 19:30 
Price: $180 (Including materials fee) 

In some Native American culture, it is believed that the dreamcatcher is like a spider web, holding the nightmares and negativity in it, and letting go of all positive dreams and thought into our dreams. Learn about the basic Paper Cutting skills including "yin" and "yang" cutting techniques, symmetrical cutting and ‘multiple layer’ cut-Folding Method. Unlike traditional cutting that commonly make use of red papers, patterns here can be cut with different colour papers.


Colourful paper cutting art-pieces can be produced. Simultaneously, simple tools will also be used to transform the 2-D paper cutting pieces into 3-D forms. By combining different materials and adopting a simple weaving technique, dreamcatcher is able to create a great variety of geometric patterns, with paper cut-outs included and embedded.


Deadline of registration: 6 Nov 2020
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