Legend of the Hungry Man

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre 
Date: 2022.08.19 - 2022.08.28
Time: 19-21, 23-28 Aug 2022 8pm; 20-21, 27-28 Aug 2022 3pm 
Price: $490 , $390 
Presenter: Take it Easy Theatre 

Tang Chi-kin x Pak Tsz x Lun Yeung x Frankie Yau x Hatou

Gather without limitation in Aug 2022 again

Let’s enjoy an experience of Theatre x NFT


These years, they are starving……

The king of the thieves exile, then he met his life enemy the Merchant, his love the Fairy and the fake scholar. All these contribute to a sumptuous banquet!


Conducted in Cantonese


Playwright:Tang Chi-kin

Director:Tang Chi-kin

Actors:Pak Tsz, Tang Chi-kin, Yeung Wan-lun, Yau Chung Wai, Yeung Sze-man (Hatou)


Set Design: Siu Wai-man

Lighting Design: Octavian Chan

Sound Design:Martin Lai

Costume Design:Sarona Lo

Video Design:Lo Wing

Sand Painting:Cheng Wing

Production Manager:Eva Chau

Producer:Gladys Wong, Suen Wai Man

Graphic Design:Kent Fok@TN Peacock

Publicity Photography:Simon C

Publicity Image:Sarona Lo

Hair Design:Tammy Wong @ Hair House

Makeup & Image Design:Yannes Yuen


Programme Enquires: 9326 6158 / takeiteasytheatre@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/takeiteasytheatre

Ticketing: www.art-mate.net/

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