Setouchi Triennale 2019
Fukutake House Asia Art Platform

Venue: FUKUTAKE HOUSE, Fukuda, Shodoshima, Kagawa, JAPAN  
Date: 2019.07.19 - 2019.08.25
Time: 11:00-17:00 
Price: Advance ticket ¥2,000 JPY
Regular ticket ¥2,500 JPY
Discount for Setouchi Triennale 2019 Passport Holder ¥2,300 JPY

※Admission free for under 15 years old 

Setouchi Triennale 2019  Fukutake House Asia Art Platform

Déjà Vu | the Living Heritage


HKAC participates in Setouchi Triennale for the third time to conduct cross-cultural dialogues with international artists and visitors, and explore issues such as identity and globalization, by means of multidisciplinary collaborations in contemporary arts, on the island of Shodoshima.


The Setouchi Triennale takes place in the picturesque setting of the Seto Inland Sea. Its theme is the Restoration of the Sea, and it aims to revitalize the island communities that once thrived in this beautiful natural environment and to transform the region into a Sea of Hope. The Seto Inland Sea has been a vital transportation route since ancient times. Ships plying its waters stopped at different islands where their crew passed along the latest cultural and lifestyle trends. The distinctive local cultures that emerged through such interactions can still be found today.


In this edition, the showcase takes the title Déjà Vu | the Living Heritage, with special focus on the exchange of discourse on “intangible cultural heritage” (ICH); in which HKAC’s presentation will feature one stage-set Chinese traditional costume installation artwork by the renowned Hong Kong costume designer, Ms. Mandy Tam, assisted by two alumni of Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), Ms. Lit Wing-hung and Mr. Chung Siu-fung, plus the acrobatic-kungfu performing art piece by Hong Kong choreographer, Mr. Hugh Cho and the TS Crew. All participating artists also exchange their artistic ideas with the local residents of Fukuta area through residency programmes and workshops. The project is aimed at recollecting ICH as the crystallisation of valuable human experience that connects with the past, the identity, and more importantly, the accumulative wisdom in problem-solving, aestheticism and sensibility about the nature, in order to shed new insights for future creativity and innovations.


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