House Music Series - Thematic Concerts

Date: 2020.07.03 - 2020.07.31
In the recent times, the clock of the world seems to stop ticking. The vague connections between human beings vanished, different scales of art events that people expect every year were also gone.
Nonetheless, we always know "The only constant in life is change." Hong Kong Arts Centre does care about our fellow audiences who are hungry for music. We decided to "let it fly": sending our music programmes to the air and let it flow in front of you, regardless of where you are.
Our regular music gathering no longer literally gathers, but is still be free and going on. In July, a series of thematic concerts are going to happen in an Intangible Cultural Heritage artworks showcase in Caueway Bay. Are you ready to immerse into the nostalgic while contemporary music atmospheres?
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Zau Wai Gung – “Stroll along the Timeline”
Date :7pm – 8pm, 3nd July 2020
Lineups:per se, Michael Lai
The intangible cultural heritage is just like its name, although it may not exist in the physical format, it can leave contemporary wisdom for future generations. As crossing the annual rings continues, we can follow the musicians and lead us through the timeline and the singing voice, immersed in the slow music.
Soeng Lai Tau ─ “Music Traveler's Planner
Lineup: Vivian Chan
Date :7pm – 8pm, 18th July 2020
Instead of reminiscing the previous images on Facebook or Instagram serval times, it is better to come together to enjoy the musical journey!

Slowing down the rapid rhythm that comes with the day while the night gets darker. Vivian Chan will use the music to explore the world with you, and also lead you through intangible cultural heritage and contemporary architecture culture.
Nei Maai Tai ─ “Nature's Heartbeat”
#DJ + Handpan
Date :9pm – 10pm, 31th July 2020
Lineups:DJ Monsta Kei + Chor Lai
Being weary of traditional art exhibitions or traditional electronic music parties? You are now cordially invited to attend our “Nature's Heartbeat” together.
The intangible cultural heritage has been passed down for many years, and the "+" in the "ICH" injects the essence of contemporary art into the intangible art. This intersection is like the balance of “yin” and “yang”, the twin of light and dark or the beat of the handpan and the sound of the turntable from DJs.
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