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Open House & Late Night Series Art X 2023 — CRAVING FOR...Desire Feast: Electronic Music Party

Venue: JAJA, 6/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2023.03.25
Time: 23:00-02:00  
Price: Tickets are available now on POPTICKET  

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Untitled design (18)


As night falls, the music plays along the haze. This beat is awakening the idle soul. Let's escape from the ordinary tonight, put on the masquerade masks, fall into the no man's land, and let our desire rule the night. Get yourself on the dance floor, then feel the warmth and emotions of it. Lost in the light, shades, and music, let the beats connect us. Put on the mask designed by yourself, let go of the secular world and only be loyal to your own desires, just swaying to the beat of the music.


Put on the mask, and enjoy the Desire Feast with us.


Artists: No Man Zone 


Late Night Series 2023 — Art X《Craving for…》Programme Overview

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