Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.07.19 - 2022.07.20
Time: 20:00 
Price: Standard ticket: $80.  

Director : Ann Hui, Patrick Tam, Yuen Wo Ping, Johnnie To, Ringo Lam, Hark Tsui, Sammo Hung
Casts: Timmy Hung, Francis Ng, Sire Ma, Jennifer Yu, Gouw Ian Iskandar, Yuen Wah, Ashley Lam, Ng Wing Sze, Wu Tsz Tung, Eric Tsui, Simon Yam, Mimi Kung, Royce lam, Chung King Fai, Cheung Tat Ming, Emotion Cheung, Lam Suet, Lawrence Lau (According to the sequence in the movie)

Film Festivals: 

  • 73rd Festival De Cannes
  • 2020 Lyon Lumiere Film Festival
  • 25th Busan International Film Festival (Opening Film)
  • Tokyo FILMeX (Audience Award)
  • 2020 El Gouna Film Festival
  • 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (Opening Film)
Hong Kong | 2022 | 111’ | In Cantonese, with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour
Seven of Hong Kong’s most revered directors with distinctly unique styles come together for the first time to compose a symphony of stories for their city from the 50s to the future.
Seven Short Films of Septet: The Story of Hong Kong

Director: Sammo Hung,
Screenplay by: Sammo Hung, Au Kin Yee
Starring: Timmy Hung
Life was rough during the 50s. It was difficult just to get by, let alone find success. Becoming an apprentice in a performance troupe was one way to get somewhere in life. Sammo is the leader of the pack — he and the other kids are supposed to practice kung fu diligently every day under the watchful eyes of their strict master. Sammo’s heart is set on success, but there is no shortcut and his days are a mix of blood, tears, sweat, and hope. The bond between the master and his apprentices deepen amidst the yelling and scolding. One day, Sammo slacks off and is severely punished; and the fateful day becomes an unforgettable turning point in his life.

Director: Ann Hui
Screenplay by: Lou Shiu Wa
Starring: Francis Ng, Sire Ma
In the 60s, most families were struggling to get by, but they worked hard to send their children to schools despite their circumstances. Schools were overwhelmed with students and classes took place even on rooftops. The headmaster, who often gets so wrapped up in his work that he forgets his meals, sees it as his duty to help students realize their potential. Under his guidance, the kind and graceful Miss Wong becomes a beloved mentor to many students. While the headmaster and Miss Wong do not talk much, they seem to understand each other intuitively. To them, the school is home.

Director: Patrick Tam
Screenplay by: Melvin Luk, Patrick Tam
Starring: Jennifer Yu, Gouw Ian Iskandar
In the 80’s, Yu An Fei and Yip Ka Lam are in love, with an intensity that can only be found in teenage love. An Fei is leaving Hong Kong for good with her family, and Ka Lam, in denial about her imminent departure, refuses to see her. On the very last night, Ka Lam relents. Tender is the night, and Central has never been sadder than under the music of “Adagio In G Minor” by Albinoni.

Director: Yuen Wo Ping
Screenplay by: Yuen Wo Ping , Au Kin Yee
Starring: Yuen Wah, Ashley Lam
An elderly man has long adjusted to living alone. 1997 is fast approaching. His son has decided to emigrate with his family, but his granddaughter needs to move in with him temporarily to finish out the school year, before joining her parents abroad. With two generations between them, the pair live for the first time together and miscommunication ensues. He likes traditional snacks while she prefers hamburgers. She speaks English, while he interprets the world through the language of martial arts ethics. Gradually, the ice between the two breaks, and they grow closer.

Director: Johnnie To
Screenplay by: Johnnie To, Yau Nai Hoi, Au Kin Yee
Starring: Ng Wing Sze, Wu Tsz Tung, Eric Tsui
During the SARs outbreak of 2003, three nobodies develop unrealistic dreams of becoming wealthy in a city of seemingly unstoppable economic growth. Jack, Fai and Kat are always coming up with grand schemes to get rich quickly, but their tendency to disagree invariably causes them to miss the window of opportunity.

Director: Ringo Lam
Screenplay by: Ringo Lam
Starring: Simon Yam, Mimi Kung, Royce Lam, Chung King Fai
A husband returns to his hometown with his wife and son to celebrate the New Year in 2018. Bringing with him an old photograph from his childhood, he hopes to retrace the footsteps of his late father. Unfortunately, the happy journey becomes a painful memory. His wife discovers that he has been capturing everyday moments with his film camera, and she passes the films to his son.

Director: Tsui Hark
Screenplay by: Tsui Hark, Roy Szeto
Starring: Cheung Tat Ming, Emotion Cheung, Lam Suet, Lawrence La
CONVERSATION IN DEPTH takes place in the future, where an experiment is being carried out in a psychiatric hospital. Four “participants” take on the roles of doctors and patients in a study on schizophrenia. They lose themselves in their characters, and can no longer tell who their real selves are. Who are the real doctors?

19/7 (Tue) 8pm
20/7 (Wed) 8pm
Ticket price: $80 / 64*
*Full-time students and senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. Concessionary tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. Ticket holders must present proof of eligibility on admission.
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*For each purchase of 4 or more standard tickets.

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