Days are Numbered

Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2021.04.09 - 2021.04.18
Price: $260/$180 
Presented by City Contemporary Dance Company

8pm     9-10,16-17.4.2021 

3pm     11,18.4.2021

Days are Numbered, a brand new production of three dance pieces choreographed by an exceptional trio of dance artists: Justyne Li, Jennifer Mok and Bruce Wong, is based on their extraordinary lives and is showing through April. Can you imagine what kinds of things they will reveal?


“Ode to Joy” by Justyne Li

An insane world of artificial humans/robots constructed from items from daily life and twisted, contorted body movements.


“Sophie’s Garden” by Jennifer Mok

A dialogue between CCDC former Dance Artist Jennifer Mok (Jennifer) and Qiao Yang (Sophie)


“Listen Carefully” by Bruce Wong

Bruce explores the use of sound in this piece by experimenting with iron bar percussion. When sounds are no longer secondary to the performance, will they trigger something else from the audience?


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