Almost 55

Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.01.25 - 2019.01.27
Time: 25th-26th Jan 2019 8 pm; 27th Jan 2019 3 pm 
Price: $250 $180 
Presented by: City Contemporary Dance Company

It was 1987
Such a long journey, 40 hours on the train
All the way, travelling south

Eventually, I arrived in Hong Kong


Qiao Yang
Active on the dance stage for four decades
Through her body, the history of Chinese contemporary dance is written
This is her life as a dancer and a pioneer


Created by Taiwanese choreographer Chou Shu-yi together with a stellar creative team, the work distills Qiao Yang’s decades of dedication and devotion to the art of dance as she embraces a new chapter in her stage career.


Programme Enquires: 2329 7803 /
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