Art of Commercials 2022

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2022.09.15 - 2022.10.02
Price: HK$80 / HK$64* 

The Art of Commercials is in its 28th edition! You can enjoy the best award-winning commercials from all over the world! We are excited to debut selected works from the HaHaHa Osaka Creativity Awards, which will be a joyous refreshment to the otherwise sweltering summer! We will also present selected works from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Spikes Asia, The AICP Show, the British Arrows Awards, the Seoul Creative Festival by TVCF, and the Kam Fan Awards Hong Kong.

The pandemic has left many in dire straits - with loved ones lost, jobs lost, and aspirations lost. Deadly natural disasters are brought upon different parts of the globe by climate change. This year’s selection of commercials overflows with wit, sensibility and practical self-encouragement - they remind us to cherish the ones who stay, the good times, and Mother Nature. Long live creativity! Keep the good vibes alive!

The programme will play host to a series of talks, which will feature experts in the world of advertising. Through these talks, we hope advertising professionals and the general audience will gain an understanding of how the art of commercials can foster creativity and discover its place in pop culture.



Programme 1: Selection from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021

15/9 (Thu) 7:45pm
25/9 (Sun) 7:45pm

The Cannes Lions is the most prestigious commercial event of the year with a run of nearly 70 years – its finalists and winners are among the best of the best. Would you rather date Satan or an AI assistant? Would you taste your pet’s food to make sure it’s eating right? The brand that goes around telling people to just do it continues to honour sportsmanship – if we can’t win the game, change the game. Exceling for yourself is also exceling for us. A sanitary brand preaches the beauty of chaotic love - it's always a mess, but it's our mess, and there's no other place we'd rather be. Making amends is fine old fashion. A slow life is revitalising.



Programme 2: Selection from The AICP Show 2022  

23/9 (Fri) 7:45pm
1/10 (Sat) 3pm
2/10 (Sun) 3pm

The AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the Commercial, is more than just an awards show judging the best commercials created in the moving image. The honoured work is also preserved in The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)'s Department of Film. The AICP Show accepts entries globally, and continues to exhibit the exceptional aesthetics and techniques of advertisers that blend diverse and innovative creativity into the everyday. Paralympians tear down thick barricades of prejudice with sporty excellence and playfulness. An immersive art studio takes us on a trip of imagination to inspire new directions in reality. Frontline journalists strive to keep their sense and reason amidst extreme disorder, so they can preserve the truth - truth be told by a journalist, by a human. Don’t forget to support small businesses when you buy from big brands. Fine wine inspires us to believe in time. 


prog 3

Programme 3: Selection from the British Arrows Awards 2020 & HaHaHa Osaka Creativity Awards 

18/9 (Sun) 3pm
30/9 (Fri) 7:45pm

The British Arrows Awards are presented annually to the best British commercials, offering a glimpse into the British society and, of course, not without British humour. For better performance, a TV station welcomes complaints. Sometimes, when something doesn’t taste right, get hypnotised to make it taste like heaven on your palates. When politicians talk nonsense, it’s time for people to act with wisdom. Employers can learn how to respect different employees and let them do their best. You’ve got to have a good sense of humour as a call centre agent! 

Entering its fourth edition, the HaHaHa Osaka Creativity Awards debuts in Hong Kong with a HaHaHa-inducing selection from their finalists and winning works. If two arms are not enough for you to make the most out of school, can an additional one help? A video game set in Uji city is so good that you find yourself booking a train to the city. Locals teach newcomers to think twice, maybe thrice, before moving. We have to stay genki in a pandemic!



Programme 4: Selection from the Seoul Creative Festival 2021 by TVCF

22/9 (Thu) 7:45pm
1/10 (Sat) 7:30pm

The Seoul Creative Festival is South Korea’s largest festival for moving image advertisements, its winners are all local works selected by media professionals and netizens with the aim of being fair and representative of the majority. The captivating commercials are star-studded as always: Yoo Ah-in ponders on “to be, or not to be”; Youn Yuh-jung shops til’ she drops; Gong Yoo’s smile is still irresistible; the Queen of Korean TV drama Gong Hyo-jin’s style is still impeccable; Lee Jung-jae (Gi-hun from Squid Game) eats ramen with you; and many more. Many Korean brands emphasise their company’s history and integrity. To protect children, we must also protect our planet. How can government commercials help the souls of fallen soldiers of the Korean War return home?


prog 5 

Programme 5: Selection from the Kam Fan Awards Hong Kong 2021 & Spikes Asia 2022

25/9 (Sun) 3pm
2/10 (Sun) 7:30pm

The Kam Fan Awards continues to bring a homey local touch to our programme this year. Though life is full of uncertainty, Keung To keeps cheering for us; Dayo Wong delivers grubs to our doors during quarantine; jehjehs protect us from stormy days. In Hong Kong, one in every seven women has experienced sexual harassment, maybe even more than once in a lifetime – is there a reliable organization that they could reach out to? Inspired by The Hong Kong Film Awards, a cellphone brand encourages first-hand making of award-winning video clips.

Spikes Asia is a heated battleground for the best Asian advertisers from Thailand, Japan, The Philippines, India and so on. Asian creativity continues to wow us with "out-of-the-box" ideas: Gorillas are smarter and stronger than human beings; How far can anti-ageing go?;  What happens when a woman is spotted destroying the evidence of a murder?; How can an Indian doctor achieve his dream of establishing a children’s hospital in a village, while risking his life looking after Covid-infected children?; Athletes are superheroes! Now you can view these works and more on this showcase and see how these ideas came about!


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