The Aliens

Venue: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2021.09.17 - 2021.09.19
Time: 17th - 19th Sep 2021 8pm; 18th - 19th Sep 2021 3pm 
Price: $240 
Presented By: Treasure Chest Theatre
The play takes place in a small town in Vermont. Two thirtyish men, Jasper and KJ, meet to discuss music and poetry in an alley behind a coffee shop. They discuss their band, which was called (among many things) The Aliens. KJ has dropped out of college and Jasper has not finished high school, but is writing a novel. When Evan, a college student who works at the coffee shop arrives, the men "decide to teach him everything they know."
Programme Enquiries: 9135 5152
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