Wan Chai Planting Crew

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2021.11.21 - 2022.01.31
Price: Free 

The annual [Wan Chai Plant & Flower Show] is back! This year, we will continue to learn about the community through planting,  and explore the significance of plants to the concrete jungle.

Walking up a small slope in the Star Street Precinct , we looked back and discovered a stunning scene at the rooftop of the refuse station - countless potted plants gathered one by one by street cleaners from the district. May Jei, a former kaifong of Lee Tung Street, said, “when our living space in Hong Kong gets tighter and tighter, gardening becomes a luxury. Community plants are all about breathing spaces in urban life. Thanks to the kaifongs who have been taking care of them, for they each narrate the story of our city.

✿ [Wan Chai Planting Crew] Planting Workshop (4 sessions, need to attend all)

Call for Planting Crew! During the 2-month project period, the Planting Crew will build the base of the planters together with an architect and farming experts. After the workshops, the crew will be responsible as community gardeners to take on the daily operation of the planters.  

Date and time:

21/11, 28/11, 5/12 and 12/12 (Sundays) 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Facilitator: Sam Chan (Architect), Grow Something

Quota: 20 ppl

Register: https://forms.gle/LVWrTWZ6oahckMAp6

✿ Community Plant Sketch Workshop

Follow the illustrator and plant expert to a fantastic Wan Chai plant tour, and get to know the stories of community plants and their gardeners. The sketches will possibly be included in the " Wan Chai Plants Map", and displayed at the [Wan Chai Plant & Flower Exhibition 2022].

Facilitator: Storychick, Au Wah Yan

Details and registration: https://forms.gle/8QG8WDrc18HW46QGA

✿ Wan Chai Plant & Flower Exhibition

The best plant and plant sketches are jointly selected by planting experts and neighbors. The winners will receive rich prizes and exquisite trophies!

❀ "Wan Chai Plant Map " release

❀ Display and distribution of plants 

❀ Display of plant sketches

❀ Story collection workshop

Date and time: 16/1/2022 (Sun), 11-6pm

Location: Front Entrance of Hong Kong Arts Centre

✿Online Plant Clinic (Details coming soon)


Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Sponsor: Wan Chai District Council

Co-organizer: Cultural & Leisure Services Committee, Wan Chai District Council

Curatorial team: 

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Vangi Fong & Sam Chan @ The Hill Workshop

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