The 27th CUHK Master of Architecture Year Show – Still?

Venue: 4&5/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2023.06.08 - 2023.06.13
Time: 8 - 12 Jun 2023 10am - 8pm; 13 Jun 2023 10am - 2pm 
Price: Free Admission 
Presented by: The 27th The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Master of Architecture) Graduation Show Committee and Graduates

In such times with gloomy prospects, we may easily feel lost. Yet, as we confront challenges and uncertainties, we remain ‘Still’ within the unknown.

The 27th CUHK Master of Architecture Graduation Show, ‘Still?’, invites everyone to rethink the meaning of ‘Still’. Our graduation year is a year of awakening from the pandemic for Hong Kong. We are ready to revive with our own beliefs. Though the future remains unclear, we stay calm, and still, we persist in pursuing.

In this Graduation Show, we invite everyone to witness our journeys in orienting our positions and reengaging with the world. The exhibition manifests the resilience of architecture through the unique visions of each project.

Categorized in twelve themes, there will be distinctive insights relating to the cultural, social, economic, environmental, and other kinds of challenges in this particular period of time. Through holistic explorations and experimentations, we propose creative solutions and bring new potentials to this problematic world.

A pause is to reflect upon ourselves to continue to go forth.

As ‘Still’, we surpass.
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