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RE: Tai Kok Tsui-'Hok Hok Zaap Kok'

Date: 2023.04.17 - 2025.09.16


New Workshop: [Register Now! Tell the Stories of Tai Kok Tsui with Lights &Shadow] - Free Photogram Workshop ‘Photogram in Tai Kok Tsui’
3 sessions of Community Museum are designed to be spread out through the project period, the first session is formed by a series of workshops and the programme named 'Hok Hok Zaap Kok' which is led by artists who co-create with residents and local organisations in workshops in March to May 2024 and an exhibition showcase in June 2024, uniting the Tai Kok Tsui community through shared learning.
With our Local Collaborator - Mongkok Kai-fong Association Limited Chan Hing Social Service Centre, we hosted 2 sessions of  'Little Poems from Tai Kok Tsui' as the first workshop of the 'Hok Hok Zaap Kok' programme.
'Little Poems from Tai Kok Tsui' workshop - Bring your notebook, pen, and a curious mind as you walk through Tai Kok Tsui, weaving stories and gathering inspiration for crafting little poems along the way. Merge your observations, memories, and imagination of Tai Kok Tsui to create these poetic pieces.
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 【Register now】
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'Photogram in Tai Kok Tsui' -

Tell the Stories of Tai Kok Tsui with Lights &Shadow


'Tai Kok Tsui People Collection' -

Co-create a Tai Kok Tsui People Collection


Tai Kok Tsui Family Playdate

'Photogram in Tai Kok Tsui' Workshop -

Collect objects from the local community and aim to use them as materials to create a story or envision a narrative that is closely tied to the neighbourhood. By placing the discovered objects onto light-sensitive paper and initiating the "developing" process, the creation of light and shadow artwork will result in the objects being hollowed out, leaving only abstract outlines and shapes behind. Through this technique, stories, imagination, concepts, and other content are reintroduced into the images.



"Tai Kok Tsui People Collection" Workshop -

Waiters at Cha Chaan Teng, Street Cleaners, Garage Employees... These are often overlooked individuals who play crucial roles in maintaining the functioning of our community. They go to work day in and day out, accumulating rich stories, experiences, and knowledge. How can these be documented? Participants will explore the Tai Kok Tsui area to seek out different workers and conduct interviews with them. Through simple illustrations, they will create character cards and collaboratively develop a field guide showcasing the diverse workers of Tai Kok Tsui.


'Tai Kok Tsui Family Playdate' Workshop-

Parents (or any caregivers) and children in Tai Kok Tsui are sincerely invited to participate in the Tai Kok Tsui Family PLAYDATE! This will be a special date filled with laughter, interaction, and learning, allowing you and your children to explore ways to enrich daily interactions between parents and children in a nearly zero-cost manner, utilizing community spaces.

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