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【New Book Launch Event】Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition)

Venue: Jockey Club Atrium, G/F to 4/F, HKAC 
Date: 2024.03.15 - 2024.04.01
Time: 09:00 - 23:00  
Price: Free Admission  

Organisers: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base), Pen So Artlab

Special Thanks: Mr. Tai-yung YUEN, Mr. Ka-lok LAM, HongKongMachines Popup Store

Authorisation: Fortune Star Media Limited


2023/24 The Arts Talents Internship Matching Programme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Movie posters are important visual glossaries in the film industry. An effective movie poster not only bears the emotions and messages associated with the story, but also sparks audiences' interest and imagination. In the 1980s to 1990s, the Hong Kong film industry flourished, and numerous posters of popular movies at that time were designed by 'the Godfather of Hong Kong Movie Posters' Tai-yung Yuen. In 2017, Yuen was awarded The Professional Achievement Award courtesy of the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards to show appreciation of his contribution.

Being skilled with portraits, master Yuen created lively and cartoonish posters, which are highly appreciated by the film industry and illustration community. Yuen's movie posters stem from his depiction of facial expressions and actions of movie stars in detail, the painstaking capture of attractive elements or scenes from the movie, and the integration of visual design with movie plot, and eventually become uniquely-drawn novelty movie publicities. Master Yuen also drew celebrities from fields of music, films and television dramas on the cover of Hong Kong famous and best-selling magazine Jademan Comics for more than 200 volumes. His vivid drawing style and visual design have already imprinted on many movie and comics enthusiasts' minds. Being dexterous, Yuen hand-painted lots of classic local movies and globally-acclaimed Hong Kong movie stars. He marked a significant era in the Hong Kong film and the entertainment industries. 

Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition) is the most comprehensive collection of nearly 180 movie posters created by Yuen. The book also features posters that are publicly published for the first time. Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base) and Pen So Artlab jointly present a series of events, including Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster Exhibition, artist talk, and book signing session. It is hoped that Hong Kong audiences can go through Yuen's artistic achievement in the cinematic world.

Book Introduction

Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition)

It was once said that a good movie poster can attract the interested audiences to watch a film.

In the 1980s and 1990s, movie posters have contributed to the vibrancy of Hong Kong films, and put local films on the map. Tai-yung Yuen, as a master of Hong Kong movie posters, has illustrated numerous posters in the Golden Era of Hong Kong films.

Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster is a collection of movie posters drawn by master Yuen, officially authorised by movie company and master Yuen. The publication features around 180 works; some of the works have never been published on any other books. This collection also includes original drawings revealed for the first time, allowing readers to explore the cinematic world created by master Yuen through the one-sheet frame.

Second edition of Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster comes with two different covers, updated with nine classic movie posters and revised list of his poster works.


Title: Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition)
Genre: Art collection
Page: 200pp, Full coloured
Illustrator: Tai-yung YUEN
Publisher: Pen So Artlab
Authorisation: Fortune Star Media Limited

Selling price: HK$450

15.03.2024|Exclusive Pre-order @HKAC ART SHOP and online shop


Exclusive Gift @HKAC ART SHOP and online shop

Receive a complimentary exhibition limited edition postcard (Type A) with purchase of Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition) at HKAC ART SHOP or from the online shop

(Gifts are available while stocks last).


Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition) Exhibition

Date: 15.03 - 01.04.2024

Time: 09:00 - 23:00 

Venue: Jockey Club Atrium, G/F to 4/F, HKAC

Free Admission


The exhibition features a collection of original movie posters kindly loaned by collector Ka-lok Lam as well as two illustration originals loaned by Yuen. Each piece has a story in it, from the design of drawing, composition, to typesetting. Through showcasing his works, the exhibition brings audiences to savour the masterpieces of Yuen and Hong Kong movies to the full.

Artist Talk

Speaker: Tai-yung YUEN

Moderator: Eva YANG


Date: 31.03.2024 (Sun)

Time: 14:00-15:30

Venue: Rm1006, 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Conducted in Cantonese


Quota: 50 (Online registration is required. Places are limited on a first-come-first-served basis.)

Fee: HK$100*


*Every participant receives an exhibition limited edition postcard (Type B) upon the completion of activity.


An once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Master Yuen in person, who has rarely participated in public activities in recent years!

Since drawing his first movie poster for The Last Message, Yuen has embarked on his artistic journey to create movie posters. Numerous superstars have been illustrated with his aesthetics on his works of scintillating Hong Kong movie posters.

Yuen shares his experiences in drawing through decades and discusses how hand-painted movie posters have influenced Hong Kong cinema in the past and local film culture.

Book Signing Session

Date: 31.03.2024 (Sun)
Time: 16:00-17:30
Venue: Lobby, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre


【Book Signing Session Rundown】

  • Queue tickets will be distributed starting from 13:00 (1pm) on that day at HKAC ART SHOP. A total of 100 queue tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis;
  • Only signing on Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition). Each quota could maximum get TWO books signed;
  • Art of Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster (2nd Edition) has to be purchased at HKAC ART SHOP or from the online store;
  • Each person is limited to ONE quota. Queue tickets cannot be taken in behalf of somebody.
  • Queuing will be started 15 minutes before the session in the 3/F Lobby, HKAC;
  • In order to keep the signing session a smooth flow, participants should cooperate with the staff on-site in respect of the instructions and queue patiently.


*The organiser reserves the right to the final decision of the detailed arrangements of the events.



2582 0200 | chb@hkac.org.hk


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Artist: Tai-yung YUEN

Since Tai-yung Yuen illustrated his first movie poster for The Last Message, he achieved sudden fame. Almost all superstars have become his creation subjects, like the Hui brothers, Karl Maka, Eric Tsang, Sammo Hung, and Stephen Chow. Each illustration embodies his skillful drawing and visionary imagination. Back in those days, he spent an average of seven nights to complete a movie poster. However, he insisted on not working overnight even if the deadline was approaching.

Then, Yuen joined Jademan Comics Magazine and drew cartoonish cover illustrations for the interview of celebrities featured in each volume which were well-received by readers. Unfortunately, with the suspension of Jademan Comics Magazine in 1992 and the permission granted from New Zealand for their immigration, the cartoonish movie posters and book covers that Yuen had long produced gradually faded from the scene as he travelled farther afield.




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In 2000, HKAC founded its educational arm, Hong Kong Art School (HKAS). The HKAS provides award-bearing programmes to nurture artists and art practitioners, as well as short enrichment courses for the general public. The HKAC aspires to engage everyone in the community to become an active participant in the arts – as an enthusiast, an artist or a patron.

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Since 2006, HKAC curated Comix Home Base project (CHB) and hosted over 700 ani-com-related events, such as exhibitions, talks, workshops, performances, publications, screenings, public arts, etc. Outside Hong Kong, the footprints of Hong Kong comics can be found in France, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. Through the uniquely planned programmes, several Hong Kong comics artists have got chances to initiate international collaborations in publishing their comics in foreign languages in Europe and US. These all have made an impact on the international comics scene and helped to raise the profile of Hong Kong comics internationally.

HKAC (CHB) continues to proactively look for opportunities to promote Hong Kong's diverse comics and animation arts, with the aim of increasing international recognition and awareness of Hong Kong’s comics artists and their unique works.


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2582 0200 | chb@hkac.org.hk

The organiser reserves the right to the final decision of the detailed arrangements of the events.

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