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Date: 2023.02.10 - 2023.12.31

 Result Announcement 

Hong Kong Arts Centre is delighted to announce the four selected applicants of the ‘OPEN CALL: HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW 2023’



Dave Chow: Vroom Vroom

Event website: HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW - Vroom Vroom - HKAC

Project Summary

Vroom Vroom is a site-specific sculpture installation, turns Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery’s curved corridor into an imaginative wind tunnel. The artist integrates his own driving experience - deconstructs the somatosensory experience of speed and the mechanical feedback with sculpture, and aesthetically presents the boldness of wind deflector in aerodynamic design.


Dave CHOW Yui-wang (Artist), mixed media artist based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, where he received his bachelor's degree in 2015.

His works display and distill his everyday experience through appropriating, transforming and assembling ready-made objects.

Dave held his first solo exhibition, “Switch on the Television When the Sun Sets” during the artist-in-residency programme at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. His works were also shown in various exhibitions, including “splendor of the Sun” (Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong, 2023), “Proper Weight” (Fo Tan, Hong Kong, 2022), “Hope all is well with you” (1a space, Hong Kong 2021), “soundpocket: 10 YEARS OF ASP” (Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, Hong Kong, 2021), “EQUILIBRIUM” (ACO Art Space, Hong Kong, 2018), “Observe / Scrutinise / Perceive” (Gallery Exit, 2018) and “Weight Watcher” (Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, 2018).


Zoie Yung (Curator) is an independent exhibition and art-marketing consultant, former exhibition manager of chi K11 art museum, Shanghai. She is one of the awardees of The HKADC Arts Administration Scholarships 2022 and currently studying for MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She provides a unique approach to exhibition production by combining practice in exhibition spatial arrangement and her knowledge in Chinese astrology. Apart from exhibition production, she also hosts public engagement programs and contributes art articles to magazines. Recent exhibitions include Splendour of the Sun, Galerie du Monde (2023), Wonder-verse (2022), chi K11 art space Hong Kong and Curve of Buoyancy (2021), Duddell’s, Hong Kong. Recently hosted talks with JC Contemporary, Para/Site Art Space, 1a Space and Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. Recently published articles can be found in Numéro art China.


Winsome Dumalagan Wong: The Fields in the Shadow of the Lowered Eyelids

Event Website: HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW - the fields in the shadow of the lowered eyelids - HKAC

Project Summary

The Fields in the Shadow of the Lowered Eyelids illustrates the fields in Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong, and the associations, feelings and thoughts throughout the journeys to these fields, hoping to explores how some places far away from the city demonstrate different degrees of urbanization, marginalization and the struggle to preserve the original way of living. The exhibition is composed of video, photography, text and installations. The places will be abstracted in memory and association while keeping their original uniqueness, in the hope to blur the boundaries of regions and link up the scattered places under different sovereignty, and act as an exercise in thinking and imagining the way we live.


Wong Winsome Dumalagan mainly works on videography and the sculpting of images. Through moving along with her camera, composing and sculpting the texture and rhythm of the images, she believes that art helps guide her to comprehend and step into daily life. Therefore, most of her works are about her daily life and people around her, lead her works to be created in different cultural contexts along her mobility, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong. She also spent a lot of time thinking about the authority of images and artwork, that there are times she credits the sources of her works are people around her and that she acts as an “agent” or “co-creator” of the works. She’s a member of the Floating Projects Collective. 


Research 1: Asian Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture

André Chan: PLAY! Artist made video games in Asia

Event Website: HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW - PLAY! Artist made video games in Asia - HKAC

Project Summary

Contemporary art has always been exploring new medium and methodology to expand the boundary of art practice. The democratization of video making hardware and software enables artists, who were previously only limited to modify games, now gain the ability to create video games from scratch. The way they can fully control the mechanics of such games opens up new grounds for art practices. The research project focuses on the recent surge of artists made video game projects in Asia, tracking the trajectory of game-making as a new medium for contemporary art practice. Furthermore, to document how artists combine computer technology, sensory design and theatrics elements into complex game design projects.


André Chan had worked in a number of international galleries and produced various exhibitions around the world. He is the co-founder of Arts Collective in Hong Kong in 2018. His curatorial work focuses on artists’ practices in response to contemporary city issues and the fallacy of the contemporary tech world, while he is also interested in the history of modern ink movement in Hong Kong. Selected for the Emerging Curator Program 2018 by Shanghai Power Station of Art and Emerging Curator by Para Site, he was the curatorial director for the 2021 edition of Art Central, and the co-curator for the satellite exhibition of Taiwan Biennale. His curatorial works were shown in Taikwun Contemporary, the National Taiwan Museum of Art and Power Station of Art, Shanghai.


Research 2: Cross-disciplinary project

Chi Chi Cheng: Consciously Human Metaverse

Event Website: HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW - Consciously Human Metaverse - HKAC

Project Summary

Consciously Human Metaverse is a place for players to explore the science of the Buddhist mind through fun, engaging and mind-challenging activities.

Buddhism shares with science the challenge of examining the mind empirically. Neuroscience offers a new pathway to reveal the biological underpinnings of this 2,500-year-old wisdom to cope with the age of abundance and over-indulgence we live in today. Many Buddhist practices such as meditation are now known to activate certain neural pathways and circuitries associated with maintaining a balanced state of reward, drive, desire and ambition. These concepts can be echoed by Buddhist teachings of desire and craving.

The metaverse includes a virtual supermarket, an interactive neuroscience lab, Buddha brain exercises, a tea meditation room, a Sanskrit karaoke room and a Karma Casino. Through these games and activities, she hopes to inspire critical thinking in players while obtaining a balanced state of mindfulness, and that one day everyone will acquire their own “Buddha Brain”.


Chi Chi Cheng is a multidisciplinary artist from Hong Kong with a background in neuroscience. She is currently pursuing MSc. in Applied Neuroscience at King's College London. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and Zurich University of the Arts MA. in Visual Arts programme. She is interested in exploring the intersections between neuroscience, policy making, medicine, law and ethics.

Taking on an "anthropological” approach with a focus on understanding human conditions both culturally and biologically, her works question what it means to be a conscious evolutionary human that challenges the world's status quo, going beyond the surface of tradition and hierarchical structures to investigate the inner workings of the mind and the many underlying issues of humanity. She held a TEDx talk about connecting to identity through food and family stories and was featured in the Royal Photographic Society’s Women Science Photographer 2023 in the UK. She was trained as a yoga teacher in Tamil Nadu, India.

“I once flew to Tibet with a one-way ticket. Today I am agnostic, tomorrow I don't know.”


The four proposals were selected from over 150 applications by the jury made up of art professionals and Hong Kong Arts Centre representatives: Samson Young, Vivian Ting, Jeff Leung, Ian Leung, Gordon Lo and Jing C.Y. Chong. The four selected applicants will be awarded up to HK$60,000 for executing their proposal projects. All projects should be carried out in 2023/2024. Hong Kong Arts Centre sincerely thanks all parties who made submissions, the jury and the sponsor for their participation in this Scheme.

Stay tuned for more information about grantee's upcoming exhibition and events!




The 'HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW 2023 Open Call' is launched by Hong Kong Arts Centre (‘the HKAC’) with an aim to encourage and support Hong Kong emerging artists, curators, researchers, and creators.

To nurture local up-and-coming talents, HKAC is now accepting proposals for ‘Exhibitions’ and ‘Research Projects’. The selected Exhibitions will be held at the HKAC Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery, while the Research Projects will be carried out according to the schedule and details agreed upon by HKAC and the successful applicants.

Successful applicants will be awarded funding of up to HK$60,000 for their proposed projects.

Open call for proposals: 

  1. Exhibitions (two proposals)
    Visual Art/ New Media Art/ Comic Art/ Sound Art/ Cross-disciplinary Art
  2. Research Project I (one proposal): Asian contemporary visual arts and culture
  3. Research Project II (one proposal): Cross-disciplinary programme
    Theme: Technology / Wellbeing / Community Rejuvenation

Please refer to the Guidelines HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW 2023_Guidelines for details.



HKAC Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery Floorplan


How to Apply

  • Online Application Only ( APPLY HERE )
  • The application should be written in English or Chinese
  • Complete the online application form
  • Upload the Exhibition Proposal (One single PDF document, file size within 10MB)


Application Deadline

10 April, 2023 (23:59 HKT)



Email: CFT@hkac.org.hk

Financial Support
Hong Kong Arts Centre is financially supported by the Art Development Matching Grants Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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