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Beuys - Special screening with 5th Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration

Venue: Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong 
Date: 2019.03.30
Time: 4pm 
Price: Free admission by registration.  
Director: Andres Veiel
Germany | 2017 | 107’ | In German and English with English subtitles | DVD | Colour 
A documentary that reveals the living, breathing Joseph Beuys

Beuys, the man with a hat. Thirty years after his death, he still seems to be a visionary, way ahead of his time. Back then, he patently explained how “money shouldn´t be a commodity”. He knew that money trade would undermine democracy. But there is more. Beuys boxes, parleys, lectures and explains pictures to a dead hare. He asks with a grin, “Do you want a revolution without laughter?” His expanded concept of art leads him smack in the middle of socially relevant discourses, even today. A congenial montage of countless, previously untapped visual and audio sources, director Andreas Veiel and his team created a one-of-a-kind chronicle: Beuys is not a portrait in the common sense but an intimate look at a human being, his art, and his world of ideas.


Audience members are welcome to visit the exhibition 5th Collectors’ Contemporary Collaboration presented in the Pao Galleries at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. There are artworks of Joseph Beuys that are on display in Hong Kong for the first time.



Special thanks: Goethe-Institut Hongkong

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