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Recommended Comics Books ─ New French Comics by Hong Kong Comics Artists

Venue: Comics Corner, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2020.03.10 - 2020.05.31
Price: Free Admission 

Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base)  

Three new French comics by Hong Kong comics artists — Kwong-shing Lau, Chi-tak Li and Yanai have been released in Europe. With their distinguished themes, styles and expressions, the three comics have drawn numerous readers’ attentions to Hong Kong comics from the world’s third-largest French comics market.

Comics is considered as the “ninth art” in Europe — it is exhibited in museums, demonstrating the impressive skills of the comics artists, as well as in the hands of readers, flipping through pages to immerse themselves into a different world drawn by the comics artists. With the diverse themes and styles found in Hong Kong comics, there have been countless remarkable titles which appeal to various types of audience. Since 2006, Comix Home Base (CHB), a project by Hong Kong Arts Centre has been passionately promoting Hong Kong comics to the world. From 2011, CHB started taking part in Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, exhibiting works from different comics artists including Kwong-shing Lau, Chi-tak Li and Yanai, and thus established collaborations with overseas publishers. In January, three Hong Kong comics artists returned Angoulême International Comics Festival and greeted overseas readers with their newly published French comics — Fantaisie Ordinaire, Moon of the Moon and Frankenstein Family.

Book display of the three comics books is now available at Comics Corner, 3/F, HKAC. Chinese edition and French edition of Moon of the Moon and Frankenstein Family are now available at HKAC Art Shop.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sharing session by Kwong-shing Lau, Chi-tak Li and Yanai on their visit to Angoulême International Comics Festival on Hong Kong Arts Centre website, Facebook and Instagram.

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