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The 29th ifva Awards Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition

Venue: 4/F., Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2024.02.24 - 2024.03.07
Time: 12:00-20:00 
Price: Free Admission 

The 29th ifva Awards Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition 

【Gold Award】《Never Have I Ever》 - Natalie Isdoingokay (Hong Kong)
【Silver Award】《My Inner Ear Quartet》 - Koji Yamamura, Yoko Ogawa (Japan)
【Special Mention】 《Almost there》 - Au Kin Wai (Hong Kong)
《Dancing without Touching》 - Choo Jing Sarah (Singapore)
《I work, therefore I am》 - Chiu Sze Man (Hong Kong, United Kingdom)
《Kazokutchi》 - So Kanno, Akihiro Kato, Takemi Watanuki (Japan)
《Media of Langue》 - Goki Muramoto (Japan)
《Rehab》 - Tung Wing Hong (Hong Kong)
《Self-control Removal System》 - Liu Chang Luna, Cheuk Sze Wing Chloe (Hong Kong)
《syncrowd》 - nor (Japan)

《Almost there》
Au Kin Wai (Hong Kong)
The artwork reflects determined resistance in a rapidly changing world, inspired by the changes in Hong Kong. It captures the perseverance and importance of resilience in shaping our identities and the world. Through failures and exploration, it represents a "better failure". It serves as a visual representation of struggles and attempts to resist, highlighting the lasting impact of resilience.
《Dancing without Touching》
Choo Jing Sarah (Singapore)
Taking the form of a multimedia installation, ‘dancing without touching’ presents itself as an alternative discourse of movement and dance in the context of ‘entertainment’ worlds (often referred to as amusement parks) in early Singapore. Reflecting on themes of activation and authorship, subjects are given freehand to interpret, respond and perform within the site.
《I work, therefore I am》
Chiu Sze Man (Hong Kong, United Kingdom)
I work, therefore I am is an interactive installation that comments on the existence of meaningless jobs in society. It features a factory line creating and erasing forms, amplified by layers of monitoring hierarchical systems that emphasise its futility. Visitors can engage by clocking in, symbolically becoming a part of the system, encouraging contemplation on the nature of work today.

So Kanno, Akihiro Kato, Takemi Watanuki (Japan)
Kazokutchi is a work that consists of robots installed on a pedestal inside real exhibition spaces, and families of Kazokutchi, digital artificial lives that inhabit those houses. The data of each member of a Kazokutchi family are registered as NFTs. The robots have a breeding season, mating and giving birth to new digital life when they find another family member.
《Media of Langue》
Goki Muramoto (Japan)
Media of Langue is a dictionary/sculpture that depicts the map of meaning onto the boundary between languages. On the Internet, words of multiple languages float as dots. There two forces are given: repulsion between words in the same language, and attraction between translated words in different languages. These two forces immediately constitute a certain space, and the visitors can explore there.

《My Inner Ear Quartet》
Koji Yamamura, Yoko Ogawa (Japan)
What lives in a lonely boy's ear? And why a boy's ear? In the boy’s notebook, he recorded the lonely voices of the objects he collected. The boy who grew up as a man set out on a journey to collect lonely voices again. What would he find there eventually?

Natalie Isdoingokay (Hong Kong)
That one lie changed the course of my entire life.

Tung Wing Hong (Hong Kong)
Rehab is a kinetic sculpture combining ceiling panel and dining table, with ceiling concrete fallen from the artist's home resting on top of it. These extra weights force the work to adapt and relearn walking. Every single step reflects the emotions for homeland.

《Self-control Removal System》
Liu Chang Luna, Cheuk Sze Wing Chloe (Hong Kong)
This AR installation metaphorically represents the causes and manifestations of school bullying in East Asia and its influence on the personality of the victims. The interactive mechanism is a simulation of typical routes for East Asians to gain admission to prestigious universities, which aims to make players feel the choicelessness, helplessness, and anxiety of economically disadvantaged parents in East Asia.

nor (Japan)
A kinetic sound installation that utilises a natural phenomenon called "synchronisation". Many pendulums interfere physically to be self-synchronisd as being controlled. They behave like a crowd, changing the environment in complex ways from disorder to order. The sounds that accompany the pendulum’s motion form organic-like overlaps, creating a beauty that can be compared to the structure of minimal music.
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