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Open House & Late Night Series Art X 2023 — CRAVING FOR...GroovIN Desires: Music x Movement Workshop

Venue: Eric Hotung Studio, LB/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2023.03.25
Time: 20:00-21:00; 22:00-23:00  
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ART X IG (1038 × 346 px)


Dragging your body in a crowded city in a mere shell, how should we free our suppressed desire through the tiny cracks? Explore the desire stories from our songs, the dance artist transforms music and text into improvised physical performances - inducing the audience to listen, appreciate, and stimulate their bodies, together creating and responding to the work on a large canvas.


The workshop will break the shackles of our spirit and stimulate the release of desires, through rhythm, words, forms, and mass performances - composing a unique symphony through awakening our souls.


Artists: Every Life Is A Song INK | Jing Wong |  Stephanie Keung

Quota: 25

Language: Cantonese and English


Late Night Series 2023 — Art X《Craving for…》Programme Overview

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