Fabulous Kimono Workshop in Hong Kong

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2018.11.16
Time: 2pm - 5pm (Sake Tasting Session will start at 1pm) 
Price: Free Admission 
Do you know how long does it take to wear a piece of kimono? Can you imagine a kimono which smells like chocolate? Famous kimono stylist from Kyoto, Mr. Tomita will lead you through the world of kimono, to explore its present and past. Audience will have a chance to be the models on stage, having a close contact with the gorgeous kimono! At the same time, Sake Central from PMQ will sponsor a Sake tasting session for the event, age 18+ participants could get a cup of Japanese Sake with their registration quota of the workshop.
Language: Japanese, with Cantonese Simultaneous Interpretation


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