My Bassoon, My Poems – My life is too heavy…that I put it into a bassoon

Venue: McAulay Studio 
Date: 2019.01.12 - 2019.01.13
Time: 12 Jan 2019 7:56pm ; 13 Jan 2019 2:09pm & 4:24pm 
Price: $120 

Presented by: So Lo LIng

It is said that, music is like water that can form into different shapes according to the moulds of containers. We sometimes chose to forget some feelings in life but music reshapes those memories of lost.

And a poem is like a mirror to reflect your true self. People put up facades every day in society but poems disclose the innermost secrets of our souls.

I would like to tell you, when words touch our hearts and music trigger your feeling, you can start the journey of life.

This is a concert collaborating poetry and bassoon music.

Why is bassoon music?

As it happens, I m a bassoonist who like writing poems.

Performed in Cantonese & English

Programme Enquiries: 6696 2201 (LULU)

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