The Quest Game – Exhibition of Push Comic’s Works

Venue: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong) 
Date: 2018.10.19 - 2018.11.20
Time: 10am -6pm 
Price: Free Admission 

Still remember the game of hide-and-seek? You can actually play it on paper! The numerous hidden codes, symbols and ‘Easter eggs’ on each page of Push Comic’s works are the fun decoding/hunting games favoured by fans. A legend of sci-fi comics and the ‘Godfather of Pop culture’, famed Taiwanese comics artist, Push Comic, invites you to play with him for this exhibition – go on a ‘quest’ for whimsical and wild imaginations, fall for his one-of-a-kind pen work with American and European influences, and collect his quotes, codes and characters.

From working as an art editor for UFO Group to Joy Comics, drawing offbeat sci-fi comics to making art toys, entering the French and Italian comics market to BBDO advertising, the exhibition focuses on three significant stages of Push Comic’s 33-year creative career and his global vision. A ‘game’ of creativity and diversity, the exhibition displays some of his manuscripts, drawings, figures, comic books, commercial projects and graphic designs.

One panel of a comic strip has limited space, but to Push Comic, it is an infinite world. Whether it is his previous, popular work Balezo or the latest, locally-inspired story Bamboo Windy Towns, every single panel of his comics is full of surprises. His imagination and detailed drawings have captured the hearts of many readers, including members of the renowned Taiwanese rock band Mayday: Ashin and Masa.

So, where are the hidden signs and secrets in his comics? The closer you look, the more you will see!

“The Quest Game” is Push Comic’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Co-presented with Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, the exhibition is one of the programmes of “2018 Taiwan Arts Festival”. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a talk and workshop hosted by Push Comic, don’t miss it!


Presenter:                 Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base

Co-presented with:  Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center

Authorised unit:       阿推的漫畫 AH TUI - PUSH COMIC©2018




Date:     19/10/2018 – 20/11/2018

Time:     10am -6pm

Venue:   Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

Artist:        Push Comic


Opening Ceremony

Date:      19/10/2018(FRI)

Time:      5-7pm

Venue:    Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)


Talk: The Perspective of Comics Artist on Hong Kong and Taiwanese Cross-media Creations 

More than just a creator, multidisciplinary comics artist from Taiwan also prides himself for being ‘trendy’. His influences in the cultural and commercial sectors are phenomenal. When Taiwanese Pop culture icon Push Comic meets Hong Kong, be prepared for lots of sparks! Apart from sharing his experiences and insights in cross-media creations, he will also share his thoughts on trends, arts, design and the ecology of comics in Taiwan and Hong Kong, to facilitate collaborations that transcend borders. 

Date:                  20/10/2018 (SAT)

Time:                  3pm-4pm

Venue:               Eric Hotung Rehearsal Studio (LB, Hong Kong Arts Centre)

Speakers:            PUSH COMIC, Craig AU YEUNG

Language:         Mandarin

Age:                   Aged 5 or above

Quota:               40                

Registration:     Online registration required. First-come, first-served.


Live Drawing Demonstration 

It’s your golden chance to meet and greet the Taiwanese comics master! Join the live drawing demonstration and you can watch closely how Push Comic creates his work on the spot, utilising different materials, such as wood, paper and shirt.

Date:                       20/10/2018 (SAT)

Time:                       4:30pm-6pm

Venue:                    Eric Hotung Rehearsal Studio (LB, Hong Kong Arts Centre)

Participating Artist: Push Comic

Language:              Mandarin

Age:                        Aged 5 or above

Quota:                     40

Registration:           Online registration required. First-come, first-served. 





Push Comic (Ah Tui), moniker of a celebrated Taiwanese comics artist, is a man of many roles, including working as the comic section editor for the Chinese Times, art editor for UFO Group, BBDO Taiwan advertising designer, exhibitions curator, and assistant professor at Shin Chien University. Now, he is engaged in multimedia creations and art toys, as well as illustrations and anything that is related to comics or popular street culture.

During the 1980s, he worked as the editor for the Joy Comics, issued in Taiwan. He was responsible for editing works by famous Taiwanese comics artists, such as Tsai Chih-chung, Ao You-xiang, Chen Uen, Zhu De-yong, Tseng Cheng-chung etc.

In 1985, he published his first book The Symbol of Taichi, and then went on to be the author of over 20 comic books, including Nine Lives ManBalezo (The first Taiwanese comics launched in Europe in the 90s, serialised in French comics magazine KAMEHA), and Promised Island 1.2.3 (published by per questa edizione Edizioni BD in Italian), many of which are licensed overseas. In addition to comics, he designed and created over 20 art toys.

In 2012, 2013 & 2015, he is the representative artist at the Taiwan Pavilion of the Angouleme International Comics Festival. In 2012, he was invited to France to stage his solo exhibition at Montpellier “Les Nouveau Mangakas”, and was awarded “Prix Special du Jury” of the year as selected by Montpellier Journalists Association; and Chamery’s International Comics Festival. In 2014, he became Hsinchu County Affairs Advisor. In 2015, he released his long-awaited new work Wild Star after a 16-year hiatus, followed by Bamboo Windy Towns in 2016. He won the Gold Award at the 12th Golden Dragon Award in China for his comics work Pin Bom Dog.

Push Comic’s works have inspired many people and are well-loved by artists, including members of the Taiwanese rock band Mayday: Ashin and Masa, illustrator Jimmy Liao, celebrity Wallace Chung, model Lin Chi-ling, Malaysian comics artist Keith Chong etc.


Talk Speaker


Craig Au Yeung was born in Hong Kong. He is a comics artist, food curator as well as food, travel and lifestyle writer. 

Au Yeung has been a keen follower of the trends in lifestyle aesthetics in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of the world, actively putting them into practice. He has authored a lot of books on lifestyle topics, including Living Together, Home, Chinese Home, Half Full, Born to Cook, Hong Kong Wei Dao, Wei Dao Taipei, and Wei Dao Shanghai

In 2014, he founded ‘Taste Library’ in Hong Kong. He curated Craig’s Half Full Kitchen in Beijing in 2015 and launched ‘a blue story’, an integrated cultural space, in Xi’an in 2018. Through these projects, he invented different scenes and provided plentiful ingredients for contemporary food and lifestyle aesthetics. 

He was appointed as the Ambassador for Slow Food Great China in 2017.  


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