Venue: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.07.22 - 2022.07.24
Time: 22nd - 23rd Jul 2022 8pm, 23rd Jul 2022 3pm (performed in Cantonese);24th Jul 2022 3pm (performed in English) 
Price: $200, $150* 


A soul-baring journey of life and death, love and sex, humans and demons, self-destruction and rebirth


SHE is trapped in a weird space. She wants to break free.

Or maybe she just wants to die without actually having to make any effort to kill herself…


Written and performed by Annie Cheung, DOTS is her first solo Self-Revelatory performance. Established by the pioneering American drama therapist Professor Renée Emunah, this genre of theatre uses real life experiences of the performer as materials for creation and merges drama therapy and theatre. Teetering dangerously between tragedy and comedy, with brutal honesty and humour, Annie explores her most private struggles in life and death, in love and sex, on earth and in the demonic realm, in self-destruction and rebirth.
Programme Enquiries: 9166 8997 Ms. Ng
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