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SLEEP WALK SLEEP TALK - Open House & Art X Late Night Series 2022: Meet in Dream ——— 1 on 1 Dream Interpretation Experience

Venue: 3/F Atrium, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.06.25
Time: 17:00- 21:50 
Price: Tickets are available now on POPTICKET  
Dream is like a Love letter to yourself, Dream Interpretation is like a journey into your heart, it is always about Something deep down inside your subconsciousness. During the session, you only have to share a dream, no matter how broken it seems to be, and Dreamonitacherry will guide you through the whole process to the real message(s) this dream via each layer, all you have to do is to listen with openness.
Details of the Experience
 * 20 mins for each session
Session 1: 17:00-17:20
Session 2: 17:30-17:50
Session 3: 18:00-18:20
Session 4: 18:30-18:50
Session 5: 19:00-19:20
Session 6: 19:30-19:50
Session 7: 20:00-20:20
Session 8: 20:30-20:50
Session 9: 21:00-21:20
Session 10: 21:30-21:50
Venue: 3/F Atrium, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Number of participants: 10 ( 1 person per each session)
Target Audience: 16 or above
Language: Cantonese
Dream Interpreter: Dreamonitacherry
About Dreamonitacherry:
Most of Monita’s life has been centred around the fields of psychology. She is a highly gifted and ,without doubt, a known remarkable Hong Kong dream reader and Psychic who has been studying and working in her field for over 7 years. She is highly adept at using the Tarot alongside her extensive reading skills of subconscious level on handwriting, intuition and Astrological knowledge and uses her skills and innate wisdom with empathy and sincerity. She has devoted most of her time to understanding human beings and researching their energies, traumas related to their diseases and behaviors. Monita is active in the field with her weekly radio dream reading programme on Commercial radio 2 (903), column in trendy young-adult magazine East Touch, and her irregular events and charity work, she believes she can do this until her next life.
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