Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park

Date: 2020.11.11 - 2020.12.31
Price: Free Admission 

Featured Works & Artists

Aqueous by Jen LEWIN|United States

Happy Cloud by Stuart SEMPLE|United Kingdom

Six-swing Donut by Wyan YEUNG Li-shung|Hong Kong

The Light Seesaw by ENESS|Australia


A park or playground is not only a public space that provides playing facilities, but is also a kaleidoscope of childhood memories and is an oasis for our minds and souls. It is safe, comfortable, yet full of unknown and surprises.

Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park, curated by Hong Kong Arts Centre, with the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust as Major Funder, Lee Hysan Foundation as Strategic Partner and the guidance of the Advisory Committee on Mental Health, introduces to the public a month-long outdoor interactive art exhibition which brings together works of art by both Hong Kong and overseas artists with elements of light and technology. The exhibition is accompanied with a series of education and outreach programmes, including a roundtable discussion, guided tours and play sessions hosted by professionals across different disciplines. Together they invite the public to probe into the subject of mental wellness through the means of art and play.


Interactive Art Exhibition 

Unlike what you can find in a traditional playground, our ‘toys’ are the product of our artists’ imagination. Whether you fancy taking a selfie, aimlessly roam around or embark on an in-depth journey of exploration, feel free to invent your own adventure.


- Using reflectors that respond to light and trigger interactions, Jen LEWIN (USA)’s Aqueous opens up our imagination to space and self.

Happy Cloud - The work of Happiness Hero Stuart SEMPLE (UK) Happy Cloud comes to Hong Kong for the first time! Happy faces will float all over the sky to spread love, dreams and happiness!
Six-Swing Donut - Wyan YEUNG Li-shung (Hong Kong)'s Six-swing Donut manipulates the height and speed of the swing with sound effects to capture our flowing mood.

The Light Seesaw

- Fusing smart lights with the physical forces at play in the classic playground ride, The Light Seesaw by ENESS has the power to connect everyone no matter how far away.


By pairing each set of work of art with keywords – #Reflection & #Connection, #Wishing, #Co-play & #Sharing and #Balance, let us explore the symbiotic relationship between art, play and mind in a quest for further interpretation.


Roundtable Discussion

2020.11.20 (Fri) | 5pm - 8 | Live streaming 
Free admission. Online registration required. Click here for more details
Art Power in Mental Health 

Overseas and local artists, scholars and professionals from various sectors will share their experiences to offer new perspectives on the power of art in mental and spiritual health.

(Conducted in Cantonese & English, simultaneous interpretation will be provided)

Free Public Guided Tours

Public guided tours  / Artist-led tours 

Free admission. Online registration required. Please stay tuned!


There is a myriad ways to present, interrupt and understand a person, a story, an artwork or an exhibition. For an in-depth exploration of the artworks, artists and stories behind this event, follow our guides.


Free Play Sessions

Free admission. Online registration required. Please stay tuned! 


There is never enough time to play. Except here, where you can play as much as you like whether you are on your own or with a group of people who may be 3, or 80, a parent, an artist or a play specialist.


Debut online interactive play   |    For details and registration, click here

【Paint with Bubbles】– Hope is where the imagination is (by Little Green Feet)

【Playground DIY】– Playground is where the body is (by Moving Playground)

【Dance Anywhere】– Dancers are where the stage is (by Passoverdance) 

【Breathe with the Flow】– Life is where your breath is (by Hakgwai)

【Back to the Future】– Future is where the memory is (by Not a Gallery) 


Onsite play sessions  |  

【Bubble Magic】– Catch me if you can! by Little Green Feet 

【Moving Playground】– We are all born tumblers by Moving Playground 

【Creative Dance】– Connect the mind and the body  by Passoverdance 

【Mindfulness Workshop】– The music of silence by Hakgwai 

【Rhythm of the Memory】– Open the door to new memories! by Not a Gallery 

 (Conducted in Cantonese)


More details are coming soon. Please stay tuned!



In light of the pandemic situation and social distancing measures, the Presenter reserves the rights to change, postpone or cancel the date, format, number of participants of all activities without prior notice. Please stay tuned to our website and social media for the latest updates.



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