Theatre Flaneur 2019

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.09.09 - 2019.11.17
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Connecting different stages and spaces, we bring to you a kaleidoscopic world of theatrical wonders!

This fall and winter, the various arts venues here at the Hong Kong Arts Centre will be used to construct different theatre worlds and you, the fellow audiences, are cordially invited to take part into the puzzle and complete the final missing pieces.

Diverse forms of theatre performances will be presented this season, including “Aquamarine”, the first episode of the trilogy, by Theatre Ronin, “Playwright’s Studio 8” for showcasing new creations and the immersive theatre “The Game of Life II” by Banana Effect. These upcoming performances surely will allow our audiences to explore and roam in every theatre space.

Seasonal Package Promotions: from now until 16 October, limited quotas only!

“Dual Flâneur Package”

Discount 1: Special price of HK$379 (originally HK$450) for the purchases of both “Aquamarine” and “Playwright’s Studio 8”.

Discount 2: Special price of HK$489 (originally HK$570) for the purchases of both “Aquamarine” and “The Game of Life II”.

“Flâneur Around Package” 

Special price of HK$559 (HK$670 originally) for all 3 shows: “Aquamarine”, “Playwright’s Studio” and “The Game of Life II”. The subscribers of this package will be invited to the open rehearsal of “The Beauty Queen of Leenane”. 

These are limited-time offers. Secure the tickets of your favorite performances now!


Outside of Flâneur, the grand finale of the theatre performances at HKAC this December: co-presented by PROJECT ROUNDABOUT and the Hong Kong Arts Centre, “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” is now open for sale!

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