Music On Live - House Music Series #April 2020

Venue: "HK Street Music" Facebook Livestreaming 
Date: 2020.04.17
In the recent times, the clock of the world seems to stop ticking. The vague connections between human beings vanished, different scales of art events that people expect every year were also gone.
Nonetheless, we always know "The only constant in life is change."
When online shopping becomes the new routine, takeaway service takes away the dominant role of restaurants, Hong Kong Arts Centre does care about our fellow audiences who are hungry for music. We decided to "let it fly": sending our music programems to the air and let it flow in front of you, regardless of where you are.
Our regular music gathering no longer literally gathers, but is still going to be free and cozy, presenting the most sincere and decent music in front of you.
What's On
Jockey Club Atrium, 1/F-4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
2020.03.10 - 2020.04.30
The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
2020.03.21 - 2020.04.27