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Creativity Abounds at Kids' Corner

Venue: 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2024.06.27 - 2024.08.30

Summer fun's just around the corner - at Kids' Corner! This platform is perfect for your young'uns to explore the arts with courses in visual arts, performing arts and crafting.

Starting in late June, children and teens can indulge their inner artist and hone their skills in ceramics, drawing, calligraphy, improv comedy, picture book creation, silk screen printing, noise box crafting, and more.


And because fun is always more enjoyable when shared, apply together with friends to get a 5% discount!


There will even be a chance to showcase finished artwork at Hong Kong Arts Centre - it's only natural that we take pride in our kids' creations, so we want to flaunt them!


Don't miss out on a summer of inspired imagination - visit Kids' Corner website to enrol now.
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