Interactive Story Finding Eva

Venue: Anytime Everywhere 
Date: 2020.11.01 - 2020.11.30
Price: Free Admission  


Future humans in Sci-fi movies have the body and mind separated.
They no longer sleep, no longer worry about wrinkles, no longer fear of epidemic.
No sickness, no pain, no ageing.
Escape from the burdens of physical needs. Elevate to strive for spiritual satisfaction.
The future in now.
Have you ever talked to strangers online?
How can you be sure that they are human beings?
Or if they are neo-humans who exist merely as consciousness?
You are a lost property manager.
Today you received a request from Eva to search for an item that is more bizarre than valuable.
Eventually you are led to this realm of mystery.
What's On
Hong Kong Arts Centre 
2020.10.18 - 2021.01.08
Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
2020.11.06 - 2020.12.27
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