Call Loud Yeah! Black Box Theatre Festival -- Impure Chinese Opera Experimentation@ Floral Princess 65 Fantasy

Venue: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.05.13 - 2022.05.15
Time: 2022-05-13 7:30pm| 2022-05-14 2:30pm & 7:30pm | 2022-05-15 7:30pm 
Price: $150 
Produced by: Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop Limited

“Ko Naau Je” is probably the most familiar expression in ancient dialect that we hear in canto-opera performances. It is usually yelled when one is agitated. It could mean “furi-ous” or “How dare you!” and was vividly used in the daily lives of our parents. A com-mon example is when a mischievous kid was getting the cane on his baby-fat-ridden thighs while his mom would shout “Really ko naau je! Can’t spare a good beating…”. Or on a race day when the father was happily betting but his favourite horse lost just by a whisker. At this moment one would again hear “ko naau je”, together with a lot of swear-words, of course.

Call Loud Yeah! Black Box Theatre Festival aims at building a platform for xiqu artists to go out from their own zone and at the same time bring in artists of other disciplines. It is intended that themes and techniques originated from xiqu may be applied in experi-mental theatre for cross-disciplinary exchange and exploration. The mission is for artists’ ideas to be Called out Loud! Yeah!
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