HKAC ART Factory - 2020 Season 1

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2020.05.01 - 2020.12.31

Be an artist, inspire your spirit!


Presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre, 《HKAC ART Factory》literally transforms the Centre into a creative hub full of artistic spirits.《HKAC ART Factory》will serve as a platform for all of the creative spirits via workshops to learn, explore and play with the ideas of our curated artists in seasonal basis. Through different workshops, besides learning from the artful thinking and artistic practices from leading artists that inform our life, be prepared to tap into your limitless creativity and imagination and to embrace the art experience within your daily life. Either you are an established artist, or a self-proclaimed art dummy, with the guidance of professionals, you only need to relax and open your mind to freely create ,enjoy and touch the magic of art in the《Factory》.

On January 19th 2020, HKAC held a trial day for three kinds of workshops, namely Morning Espresso Writing, Estill Voice Training and Dance Warm You Up. We received enthusiastic responses on the Trial Day and were looking forward to our originally planned season 1 (Feb 2020 - May 2020), but due to the pandemic COVID-19, 《HKAC ART Factory Season 1》was postponed. We continue to keep an close eyes on the situation and will surely be ready for a come back! Please stay tuned to《HKAC ART Factory》!


Enquiries: Cecilia Wang (25820278 / / Jesper Wong (25820272 /

What's On
Jockey Club Atrium, G/F – 4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
2020.05.11 - 2020.07.29