My Muse - the music movie in Hong Kong Rani SINGAM & CHOK Kerong x Ensemble Transience

Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.04.20
Time: 20th Apr 2019 8 pm 
Price: $250, $180 
Presented By: Drip Music Limited

Dubbed as Singapore’s first lady of jazz, Rani Singam performs not just as a vocalist, but as a narrator who tells the story of our collective lives. Both the audience and the performers share the stage as we dream, experience and remember our lives together. The music-movie concept was inspired by “Remember” the love theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso which forms part of the programme.


Shortly after its debut on 6th April 2019 at Singapore Victoria Concert Hall, the Hong Kong version will perform with Ensemble Transience leading by prominent Jazz Guitarist Teriver CHEUNG. The audience is invited to experience the concert as a movie - where one enters a world of musical stories filled with love, companionship, fulfilment, life’s curveballs, disappointments and tragedies.


The music spans many genres from classical to pop to jazz, varied and unexpected, arranged by the inventive and evocative Chok Kerong. With every movie comes a twist or two, so be prepared!


Performed in English
Programme Enquires: 6300 0966 /
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