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Vibrant Gateways

Date: 2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30

"Vibrant Gateways"

Title: Vibrant Gateways

Artist: Ma Wing Man

Artist Statement: 

Door Curtain Making X Laundry

"Vibrant Gateways" is an art project that connects the local community of Cho Yiu Chuen and observes the living environment and habits of the elderly living in Chung Ling Sheh, an exclusive residence designed for the elderly. The artist found that Chung Ling Sheh retains the old village culture of Hong Kong, where the elderly would keep their doors open to separate their public and private spaces with a cloth, but most of the curtains are worn out over time.

未命名設計 (60) 未命名設計 (59) 未命名設計 (61)
Photo highlights of the fabric dyeing process using natural dyes, such as common flowers, plants, kitchen waste and medicinal materials


未命名設計 (62) 未命名設計 (66) 未命名設計 (64)
Photo highlights of the production process of hand-printing leaves from Cho Yiu Chuen onto fabric


This inspired the artist to refurbish the curtains and use the door as a display space, encouraging the elderly to spend more time walking and exercising in the corridors and getting to know each other. The artist, together with the residents of Cho Yiu Chuen, conducted a series of community workshops to make the door curtains. Participants learned to make natural dyes, use common flowers, plants, food waste and medicinal herbs to dye the fabrics, and emboss natural patterns onto the fabrics through hand printing. Through the artmaking process, the residents not only rediscovered and appreciated the daily life around them, but also strengthened their social interaction with each other.


未命名設計 (79) 未命名設計 (72)
 Showcased in Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre  Showcased in Cho Yiu Chuen


The outcome of the current collaboration is presented in two parts, with one showcased in Cho Yiu Chuen and the other at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, demonstrating the new possibilities of mutual support in the neighbourhood to a wider community. After the exhibition, the door curtains will be returned and given to the elderly in Cho Yiu Chuen, giving their homes a new look. These curtains will become a bond among people, redecorating Cho Yiu Chuen, continuing the care and connection between neighbours, and creating a mind-friendly space.

CYC website photo  (5) CYC website photo  (4) CYC website photo  (3)
To welcome the Lunar New Year, residents gave handmade door curtains to the elderly in need, dressing up their homes with new clothes, conveying warmth and blessings.


Participants in the Workshops: 

Chan Oi Chun, Chan Shui Ying, Chan Yuk Ham, Chau Oi Kam, Cheng Lai Wah, Cheng Yuet Ying, Cheung Miu Wan, Cheung Ying Sau, Ho Wai Yu, Lai Kwai Hing, Lam Sau Har, Lam Shui Tong, Lam Siu Mei, Lee Kam Lan, Leung Chung Sun, Mui Shui Yung, Ng Fung Yiu, Sin Siu Ling, So Oi Ngan, Tam Choi Leng, Tam Man Yee, Tsang So Nui, Tsang Wai Fong, Wong Chiu Kwan, Wong Kit Ying, Wong Yuk Sun, Yeung Po King, Yuen Yin Ling, Zeng Yuanyuan 

未命名設計 (69) 未命名設計 (56) 未命名設計 (68)

About the Artist: 

Mandy bio pic-03

Born in Hong Kong, Ma Wing Man obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019 and participated in an exchange programme at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, in 2018.

Ma is interested in creating space and experience to explore the fluidity of her works with people, often involving the participation of the audience. Knitting is one of her major mediums. By collecting, dismantling and reconstructing found objects, her works attempt to transform the relationship between objects and people and strengthen interpersonal connections. In recent years, she has begun her real-time exchanges through conversations between body and material to review the relationship between herself and the surroundings through performance.



A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen

Funded by Lee Hysan Foundation, the two-year initiative, “A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen”, began in November 2022 with the objectives of strengthening the community bonds and the "330 well-being" of the residents in Cho Yiu Chuen.

The project aims at connecting the community, promoting mental wellness with our ambassadors, and engaging the residents through the power of art!

Co-organization: Hong Kong Arts Centre, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Supporting Organization: Hong Kong Housing Society
Strategic Partner and Sponsor: Lee Hysan Foundation

What's On
4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
2022.05.25 - 2027.05.27
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2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30
Public Arts
Cho Yiu Chuen 
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30