Golden Scene Selection - September

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
Date: 2021.09.16 - 2021.09.18
Price: Standard ticket: $80. Tickets are now available at  
Golden Scene and Hong Kong Arts Centre proudly present "Golden Scene Selection", showcasing the cherry-picked selections from around the world and bringing outstanding films to the audience at Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema. 
Screening Schedule
16/9 (Thu) 8pm        Annette 1920px-Hong_Kong_film_rating_cat3.svg
17/9 (Fri) 8pm         Collective
18/9 (Sat) 2:15pm   We Made a Beautiful Bouquet
18/9 (Sat) 4:30pm   It's a Flickering Life
18/9 (Sat) 8:15pm   Annette 1920px-Hong_Kong_film_rating_cat3.svg




Annette 1920px-Hong_Kong_film_rating_cat3.svg
Director: Leos Carax
Cast: Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, Simon Helberg
France | 2021 | 140’ | In English with Chinese subtitles | DCP | Colour 
16/9 (Thu) 8pm
18/9 (Sat) 8:15pm 
Los Angeles, nowadays. Henry is a stand-up comedian with a fierce sense of humor, Ann a singer of international renown. In the spotlight, they are the perfect couple, healthy, happy, and glamourous. The birth of their first child, Annette, a mysterious girl with an exceptional gift, will change their lives.



Director: Alexander Nanau
Romania, Luxembourg | 2019 | 109’ | In Romanian and English with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour  
17/9 (Fri) 8pm 
In 2015, a fire at Bucharest’s Colectiv club leaves 27 dead and 180 injured. Soon, more burn victims begin dying in hospitals from wounds that were not life-threatening. Then a doctor blows the whistle to a team of investigative journalists. One revelation leads to another as the journalists start to uncover vast health care fraud. When a new health minister is appointed, he offers unprecedented access to his efforts to reform the corrupt system but also to the obstacles he faces. Following journalists, whistle-blowers, burn victims, and government officials, Collective is an uncompromising look at the impact of investigative journalism at its best.



We Made a Beautiful Bouquet
Director: Doi Nobuhiro
Cast: Masaki Suda, Kasumi Arimura, Joe Odagiri, Kaya KiyoharaJapan | 2021 | 124’ | In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour  
18/9 (Sat) 2:15pm 
Missing the last train of the day on Tokyo’s Keio Line at Meidaimae Station, college student Mugi Yamane (Masaki Suda) encounters Kinu Hachiya (Kasumi Arimura). Finding they have near identical tastes in music and movies, the couple quickly hit it off and embark on a romance that has them move in together when they graduate from college. They work temp jobs as they interview for full-time employment. They pick up a stray cat. Even as the iconic Shibuya Parco store closes and the mainstay TV show, SMAP×SMAP, airs its last show, Mugi and Kinu seek a status quo. They are inseparable and spend “the best 5 years ever!” hoping they’ll always be together. The many seasons they spend together will rekindle your memories of a halcyon time when the world was full of love.   



It’s a Flickering Life
Director: Yamada Yoji
Cast: Kenji Sawada, Masaki Suda, Nobuko Miyamoto, Mei Nagano, Nenji Kobayshi, Yojiro Noda, Keiko Kitagawa, Shinobu Terashima  
Japan | 2021 | 125’ | In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles | DCP | Colour 
18/9 (Sat) 4:30pm 
The story centers on a man who loves movies, work at movie studio in pursuit of his dreams, surrounded by great directors and star actors. He and his friend fall in love with the daughter or cafeteria played by Nagano Mei.



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Ticket price: $80 / 64*

*20% discount for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder. Concessionary ticket holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.

*20% off for each purchase of 4 or more standard tickets. 


.Free seating
.No smoking, eating and drinking. Unauthorised photo-taking, audio and/or video recording is strictly forbidden

The following measures will be implemented for Golden Scene Selection screenings, to combat the prevailing threat of Novel Coronavirus:
.All audience must wear face masks
.Cinema staff have the right to deny the admission of any person with temperature higher than 37.5°C


For admission, audience must present the QR code (either in electric or printed version) shown on the e-ticket at the venue. 


Ticketing enquiry: (Office hour: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm)
Programme enquiry: 2582 0248  


Co-presenters: Hong Kong Arts Centre & Golden Scene Company Limited

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