Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2023.06.23 - 2023.06.25
Time: 23-24 Jun 2023 7:30pm; 24-25 Jun 2023 3pm 
Price: $350, $250 
Presented by : Studio Starlit

The political and natural world is broken and the Macbeths seize this opportunity to rise through the ranks. But brutal actions have brutal consequences. Studio Starlit presents Macbeth: a tragedy that tells the story of a soldier whose overriding ambition and thirst for power cause him to abandon his morals and bring about the near destruction of the kingdom he seeks to rule. 

Are the Macbeths’ victims of fate? Should we place the blame on the witches’ prophecies? Or do we accept that we, as individuals, are wholly responsible for our actions? These are the questions that director Terence Makapan asked himself at the beginning of the creative process and will be the theme at the forefront of his interpretation of this classic, cautionary tale. 


Performed in English 

Programme Enquires: WhatsApp: +852 6084 4111 /


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