House Music Series - The Diary of Music Traveler: Kimby Chan | Ewan Ho & Movement

Venue: Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.05.17
Time: 19:00 - 20:00 
Price: Free Admission 

House Music Series – The Diary of Music Traveler

House Music Series is the perfect platform for young musicians to explore possibilities and interact with devoted music lovers in the city.

The theme this time would be about travel. Ewan Ho & Movement, alongside with Kimby Chan, would share their adventurous stories while travelling around the world by performing their pieces. Let’s enjoy the music journey leaded by them!

At this night, let’s slow down, let the stress go and live in the moment. Come to chill at our music live concert!
Kimby Chan (Singer Songwriter)
The adventurous post-90s girl, Kimby Chan, started busking in Hong Kong. Every time she finishes busking, she would keep all the tips from her performance as travel fee. Kimby has been to more than 30 countries alone, including Tibet, Mongolia and Myanmar, through doing music performances and couch surfing. Last year, she even completed a year-long journey from Europe to Morocco. She hopes to share her thrilling and unforgettable travel experience with the audience.
Ewan Ho & Movement (City Folk)
牧民(Movement)樂隊成立於2018年,我們的音樂類型是「City Folk」。我們是草原上的牧民,甚至是宇宙的牧民,演繹的是民歌(FOLK);牧民成員都出身在香港這個美麗繁華的城市(CITY),因此我們的音樂叫CITY FOLK。
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